QOTW: What are your 2013 Goals & Wishes?

Written on December 31, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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It’s that time of the year again where people make resolutions, write out their goals and wishes for the upcoming new year.

A lot of the time, it just seems like one big shopping list for the new year, but sometimes it’s not. For instance, here are my Blythey goals and wishes for the new year:

  • Doing more interviews and giveaways on BlytheLife – are you interested?
  • Doing a closet and shoe clean out
  • A 365 with Eden Mouse – starting tomorrow!
  • An addition of a BL, lucky Blythe #13 – likely Aztec Arrival
  • Wishing for the arrival of a Middie (#1)
  • The acquiring of squishy vintage Barbie boots (white, tan (arrived in December), brown and pink)
  • Celebrate the ‘birthdate’ of each doll this year as they come

I think that my 2013 goals are fairly attainable and I hope to be able to cross all of them off (although, if I cannot add an Aztec to the doll family in the next year, I’ll be okay with that too!)

What are your 2013 goals and wishes?

3 Responses to “QOTW: What are your 2013 Goals & Wishes?”

  1. Sonje Bianca says:

    My goals are to better hone my sewing craft and make more time for sewing outfits for my dollies. I have three full-sized Blythes, one middie, one petite and now I have a beautiful BJD snow fairy to sew for. I think I’m done as far as collecting, but I absolutely love creating outfits for them. Their wardrobes are much better than my own at this point, LOL. I would also like to connect with my local Blythe buddies more often because they are all such wonderful people and so talented.

  2. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    I’m still figuring out my whole list of goals for 2013, but one of them is to make more things for my own dollys’ wardrobe. I have a middie on pre-order and I’m excited to make up some patterns for dresses and sweaters for her!

  3. lmh says:

    Hmm, opening my Etsy store & really developing my blog & what I want to achieve artistically with my dolls, both in terms of photographic essays and also design. I’ve just started working with them and am really looking forward to seeing where I can go with all this.

    Not to mention getting more cool shoes for my dolls to wear; I am OBSESSED with doll shoes, sigh….:)

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