Tiny Shoe Love #4

Written on December 5, 2014 at 2:00 pm by Michelle
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Vintage shoes makes my heart sing. Even more so, vintage squishy Barbie boots make my heart sing.

You know what makes me even more happy? A pair of vintage squishy pink Barbie boots.


Oh yes. I am a very lucky girl. So is Eden Mouse, as she wears them most often out of all of the Blythes in this house.

20141205bEden Mouse wears: Kult of Kulta (dress), vintage Barbie squishy boots.

You don’t know how much I love these boots.

(I also have a lot of pink shoes and boots to showcase in future installments of Tiny Shoe Love. You’ve been warned!)

Tiny Shoe Love is a feature on to showcase and share doll shoes that grace Michelle’s picky dolls’ feet. We love tiny shoes in this house, and we hope you do too!

2 Responses to “Tiny Shoe Love #4”

  1. K. AKA @MaidenCanada

    Barbie squishies are my favourite…I was lucky one time and got a gigantic bag full for super cheap on etsy! It was a great day!

  2. annablythedoll AKA @annablythedoll

    Adorable! I have a bunch of them too and for super low prices also!

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