QOTW: How has your web presence changed due to Blythe?

Written on April 8, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Image from user sqback.

I had a blog (not this one) before Blythe. I also had a Facebook account, a Twitter username and I frequented (non-dolly) forums before Blythe. It could be safe to say that I had established some sort of online presence prior to Blythe and dolls. But since Blythe? I gained a Flickr account, Instagram, a few forum accounts (all doll-related) and this lovely little slice of the internet. I’ve also become more active and I’ve actually managed to use the same username everywhere… Unlike what I used to do, which was to make-up a new username whenever I was opening up a new account. So not only am I more consistent on the internet now, I just talk about dolls everywhere. Probably to the chagrin of people who follow me who aren’t interested in Blythe (did you know there were people like that?).

How has your web presence changed due to Blythe?

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