31 Doll Blogging Prompts

Written on July 3, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I am a blogger.

This seems like an obvious statement, but sometimes it still takes me by surprise when someone refers to me as a blogger. It feels like it should be capitalized and properly trademarked. Like “Michelle: Doll Bloggerâ„¢”. Although, more accurately, it would be “Blythe Blogger” but that requires too many trademark icons to make it flow nicely. If you’re new here, this site recently (two days ago!) had a birthday and I couldn’t be happier. But the when I thought about it – I’d been doing this for three years and I’m still coming up with new material for every single week. It sometimes takes me longer than I care to admit to put together a post, and sometimes it just flows right out of me and onto the screen like it was nothing.

Working on posts

For the readers of this blog who are also bloggers, this post is for you! And if you’re not a blogger, but perhaps like to journal or just want to write a post somewhere (e.g. Flickr, Ipernity), this is also for you. These are, in short, my doll blogging prompts for you to use when stuck for an idea about what to blog about. Enjoy!

  1. Write about your first experience with seeing/finding Blythe.
  2. Share your first doll, the buying experience, what you thought about.
  3. Share your first customization mishap.
  4. Talk about your new dolly purchases.
  5. Write about your first ever doll meet/doll convention.
  6. Do a post about shoes (note: Sophie approves of this!).
  7. Write about Petites – Takara, LPS or new LPS.
  8. Do you love Middies? Talk about that!
  9. Do you loathe Middies? Share why you feel that way.
  10. Do a review of something you bought!
  11. Post some crafts you made recently for your dolls.
  12. Have Re-ment? Why not pose your dolls with it and share pictures?
  13. Do a stop-motion video of your dolls.
  14. Do a Blythe photo challenge – 365, A Doll a Day, etc. – share the photos!
  15. Write about your family’s thoughts on your dolls.
  16. Did Blythe cause you to have a secondary hobby? Tell your readers about it!
  17. Share your favourite hair styles for Blythe.
  18. If you’re prepping for a BlytheCon or regional doll meet, share some sneak peeks.
  19. Talk about your experiences at a recent doll meet.
  20. Discuss the interactions between your kids/pets/spouse with your dolls.
  21. Share why Blythe is special to you.
  22. Talk about you – why dolls? Did you play with dolls as a child?
  23. Scrapbookers – share the pages you’ve made for Blythe!
  24. Post about taking your dolls out in public (for the first, second, umpteenth time) and people’s reactions.
  25. Share your method of keeping bangs straight and flat on a doll’s head.
  26. Talk about that fun new find at the thrift store for your dolls.
  27. Share how you come up with doll names – is there a method behind your madness?
  28. Do a mini-interview between yourself and your dolls – just don’t give into their new dress demands.
  29. Wish lists of stock dolls, custom dolls, clothing, shoes, etc. Share! Maybe one of your readers has one for sale?
  30. Do a “Life in the Day of _____” post for one of your dolls – start at the morning and end at bedtime.
  31. Start making up doll blogging prompts of your own, and keep those creative blogging juices flowing!

I hope you use some of these blogging prompts! And share below in the comments if you do – I’d love to read some posts!

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  1. Gill says:

    What a helpful and generous post. Thank you.

  2. Josh Gone says:

    This was really cute! I just started a blog to document my Blythe journey and this was really fun and helpful! 🙂 Thank you!

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