What Do I Do (When I’m Not Blogging)

Written on August 27, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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What do I do when I’m not blogging? Umm… Think about what to blog? When I am not thinking about Blythe or creating new content for BlytheLife, I am:

Doing schoolwork or I’m at clinical (a.k.a. practicum). Last week I just began my third, and last, year of nursing school. As the school year gets busier, I tend to write most, if not all, of my blog posts well in advance of them publishing. Education, to me, is both a right, a privilege, and a luxury. On all levels, it is something that enjoy (even when I don’t) because learning is wonderful and I quite like learning.

I have 2 binders worth of material for one summer course. #nursingspecialty

Hanging out with friends (dolly friends & non-dolly friends).

Browsing the internet to see what new dolls I want. The correct answer is “all of them”, by the way. Of the Blythe variety, I don’t often fancy after ball-jointed dolls unless it’s very specific ones. Unicorn or deer BJDs? Yes. Wants. I don’t even know the stock name.

Crafting! I love crafting. I make jewellery, crochet, and knit. I also dabble in some other crafts as well, on occasion. As much as I think Pinterest is awesome in terms of just getting ideas, it is a huge time suck and takes away time from the actual crafting. Mini personal goal: more crafting, less Pinterest-ing. Then again, I love pinning crafts in hopes that one day there’s time to do it.

This blanket is so the wrong thing to be making for this weather... #summer #crochet #chevronblanket

Spend way too much money on scrap booking supplies. I don’t even scrapbook but I have a lot of washi tape. Maybe not by some people’s standards, but I have a lot for me.

Read. Occasionally, for pleasure. Mostly for school. I love my local public library because I can suggest items for them to purchase (not just books, but also movies and video games too!), put a hold on a popular item, or have them ‘help’ me borrow a book from another library system.

Think about blogging. Honestly, I do. I carry around a little notebook with me so I can jot down ideas on future posts.

I wrote a final today, so of course I rewarded myself! #nursingstudent

Drink Chai tea lattes, when I can afford to do so. Sometimes a little spoiling for myself does some good. That and the strawberry frappe…

I’m (definitely) missing some other things that I do on a regular basis, but the summer heat has kind of fried my brain a little bit, so I’m going to leave it at that!

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  1. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    It’s good to get to know you a little more! 🙂

  2. Jane Miller says:

    I am so glad you are still Blythe blogging amongst all the other things you do! Thanks!

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