QOTW: Have you ever attended a meet?

Written on September 15, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Doll meets are ridiculously fun! I am really fortunate to live in an area where there are a lot of other Blythe enthusiasts, and I’ve become really good friends with some fantastic people. Prior to 2011, I never met anyone who also had a Blythe doll, or collected them, locally or otherwise. After having met people in “real life” that had Blythe dolls, it was really inspiring because I got to meet people who customized dolls and crafted beautiful things for dolls. Meeting people who also love the big-headed (in more ways than one) doll has made me appreciate Blythe so much more. We don’t just talk about dolls at our meets though, we talk about what’s going on in our lives, big life changes (some examples include: new houses, jobs, baby!, and pets). We hang out, chat, eat food – most of our meets are all pot-luck style to lessen the burden on the host. We come together and eat, chat, eat some more, take photos of dolls, and did I mention eating?


Of course, sometimes some really odd and kooky things happen at our meets as well. Generally speaking, there are not Blythes harmed… (No worries, she was only in pieces for most of the meet…)

Have you ever attended a doll meet?

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  1. Heather AKA @claribari

    I wanted to have a meet so badly that I organized one at a local botanical garden a few years back… We have since had an annual Blythe Beach meet in Wildwood, NJ, which is by far my favorite! This year we got a lot of new and old friends together; it really feels like our little group is getting stronger. Several of us are going to head to a meet in Baltimore, MD in October. Living where I live (Philadelphia area) I can actually join up with a few different states, but so far none of the dates worked for me! I’m excited to meet a new group of Blythe lovers this fall!

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