365 Days of Eden: Month #1

Written on September 30, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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A 365 challenge does seem simple in its concept: take one photo every day. But thinking about it and doing it are two different things. Then there’s actually the act of remember to upload them. So far I’ve managed to do 30 of the 365 days with Eden. Eden’s adventures are being stored in a Flickr album on my account, if you want to follow along there.



20150930c 20150930d



Only 335 to go!

QOTW: Do You Like Kenners?

Written on September 28, 2015 at 6:00 pm by Michelle
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It’s a bit of an odd question, isn’t it? Especially when you consider the fact that if Kenner Blythe dolls were never in existence, then the Blythe dolls that we know and love that were produced by Ashton-Drake Galleries and are still being produced today by Takara would not be around. But there are some people in the Blythe community who do not like Kenners. I am, obviously, not one of those people.


Kenners can be a bit of an acquired taste. There can be so many issues with them – cracks, missing hair plugs, cloudy eye chips, missing pull strings/pull rings/eyelashes, chewed fingers or toes, knees that won’t hold position, or legs that fall out. I can understand when people think out loud “Why would I spend $800 on a doll with so many issues?”. That’s a good question – $800USD can buy you a lot of other nicer, mintier, dolls, if you’re inclined to look for a new-in-box, or a translucent, or a customized Blythe with an amazing alpaca or mohair reroot.

But there’s something amazing about Kenners – but I am a little bit biased though.

Do you like Kenners? Do you own any? (If no, do you have any plans on getting a Kenner Blythe in the future?)

Life is better with a doll.

Written on September 26, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Sometimes I try to remember what life was like pre-Blythe for me. I got Sophie in 2009, when I was 19. I was in university at the time (I was in post-secondary for a long time – eight years!). I had hobbies before Sophie and before Blythe, but I have a harder time trying to figure out what I filled my time with.

I think part of it was because I chose to attend a university that was different from the majority of my friends from high school. Many of them opted to attend one closer to home and didn’t have as long of a commute. Looking back, I still struggle to figure out why I decided to go to that school. It was an hour and a half to two hours of public transit commute each way versus the 30 minute commute (one way) commute for another school. I was spending a lot of time on public transit, I was going to school without people I knew (granted, I did make friends), but it was hard for me at the time. It wasn’t the same when I decided to pursue another degree at another school (a little bit older, a little bit wiser?).


Blythe was a happy shining light in my life at that point, because I needed something simple, something that wasn’t complex and didn’t require as much as energy and time and attention as school needed. I played with dolls a little bit as a child, I had a Barbie, but nothing quite to the level of commitment as I somehow ended up making with Blythe.

There’s just something about Blythe that makes me smile. She came into my life at a moment when I needed a little bit of happy. Having something that I enjoy is a great thing, the beauty of Blythe is that each person sees Blythe differently. Everyone enjoys Blythe in their own way, and that’s the wonderful thing about this hobby.

The best thing I’ve gotten out of this hobby is the fun of Blythe, and the wonderful people that I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten the chance to meet and interact with. Life is better with a doll.

Being Content?

Written on September 23, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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This past weekend, I went to a Blythe meet with my amazing and wonderful local group of dolly friends – if you had attended BlytheCon Vancouver you probably would have met most of them! It was our first doll meet following the big event that happened on August 9th. Can you believe that it’s been over a month and a half since BlytheCon Vancouver? I can’t! It was a whirlwind of excitement (and stress) that led up to the Big Day! I had a lot of fun with the day and got to talk to so many amazing people – it’s always great being able to put names to faces. I always associate people’s names or usernames with their avatars, and a lot of people use photos of their Blythes so I don’t know what anyone genuinely looks like half the time!

20150923Eden Mouse’s wearing: helmet/chelleshocks, dress/Plastic Fashion.
Cameo’s wearing: dress/Plastic Fashion, leggings/Endangered Sissy.

The most curious thing happened though. I saw all these great dolls – stock and customs, in amazing fashions and shoes and I didn’t find myself wanting to add another doll to my family. I also didn’t see any clothes and really want to dig into what the maker was and, gosh, could I just buy it?

I have been collecting and amassing dolls and dolly thing since 2009, so just over six years now. Have I finally reached a point where I’m content with the dolls that I have? While I’d still love to add a BL to my collection (because, let’s face it, it’s the one Takara-made mold face that I’m missing), it’s not a pressing want right now. This may also have to do with my lack of spending money, but let us not quibble over facts. It is a bit of a novel feeling because I have, for the most part, always wanted new dolls, or new clothes or shoes for dolls, and it’s a bit weird to honestly not be actively wishing for a money tree so I can buy All The Things! I’m happy with the dollies that I have, and it is an odd feeling.

Are you content with what dolls you have?

QOTW: Socks or tights on your dolls?

Written on September 21, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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With the autumn weather, comes the need to wear more layers and with that comes socks and tights. With my Blythe doll, Sophie, she came with a pair of tights. I went through the trouble of putting them on – pulling and tugging and scrunching them up some doll legs. I honestly thought at that point that tights were a complete waste of time and the most difficult item to put on a doll ever.

I still think that most days.

However, for my dolls that do wear tights all the time, I find everything goes onto their legs easier because at that point it’s fabric sliding over fabric, not fabric being tugged on over rubbery legs. Tights and socks can really make or break an outfit, but they can be such a pain to put on! Some shoes, especially boots, go on a lot easier when a doll is wearing tights as well – a great bonus to the struggles of putting on tights that will then never be taken off.


I’ve been a fan of the Cool Cat tights for a while (especially the nude coloured ones as they allow for other tights to be pulled on easily) and these kitty leggings from Endangered Sissy because cats are never a bad thing around here.

Do you put socks or tights on your dolls? Which are your favourite brands/makers?

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