Blythe On A Budget: DIY Knit Cowl

Written on October 9, 2015 at 3:00 pm by Michelle
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With the cooler weather, I think cowls are a wonderful thing. They’re easier to make than scarves, and it’s a lot easier to do things without the ends hanging into things (or food). Somehow this also translates to cowls being a good idea for Blythe, because this is an easy beginner’s knitting project. All you need to know is how to count, how to cast on, how to do the knit stitch, and how to bind off. And if you don’t know how to do any of those things, you can learn online at Knitting Help (except for counting).

You will need:

  • Knitting needles (2.75mm/US2)
  • Fingering or sock weight yarn (small amount, I used Knit Picks Palette)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle



Cast on 12 stitches (I use the long-tail cast-on).

Knit back and forth (garter stitch) until the piece is 15cm (~6″).

Bind off. Seam the edges together.

Turn cowl right-side-out.


Slide it up Blythe’s legs, be careful around her hands (don’t get her fingers hooked into the stitches!), and have it around her neck.


5 Responses to “Blythe On A Budget: DIY Knit Cowl”

  1. nicola says:

    This is awesome. I always buy little balls of wool and this is definitely the limit of my knitting ability. Just need to get me some smaller needles!

  2. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    I am gonna do this!!

  3. Sam says:

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