Middie Monday #6

Written on November 2, 2015 at 1:00 pm by Michelle
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Middie Monday is a feature that is published on the first Monday of each month! A guaranteed monthly post on Blythe’s little sister – Middie! If you have any suggestions for a future Middie Monday post, please send me an email or use my Suggestions form!

Happy November! My November has started off amazingly well, what with a local Halloween-ish Blythe meet yesterday on November 1st. November is often one of my favourite months for a myriad of reasons – this year is no exception with the annual occurence of my birthday and the beginnings of a new career/job/work-thing. Being an adult (do adults call themselves this?) has never been equal parts terrifying and exciting, all at the same time.

That say, the meet! It was delightfully Halloween-themed with great decorations, lights, spider (!) cupcakes, and the host’s beautiful Middies. It’s just really fun to see Middies that I don’t own because it’s nice to see dolls in person as opposed to seeing them in photographs. While there are some amazing photographs of dolls out there, I find seeing them in person is always a lot nicer and gives me a better idea of what they truly look like. You never know if someone’s edited the photo (case in point, I definitely used an Instagram filter on this image):


Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any Middies to the meet with me (which gave me the great opportunity to fawn over those that were there!), I brought a haunted little girl and a squid. Reusing customs is a good thing.


4 Responses to “Middie Monday #6”

  1. Kate says:

    Hi! Sounds fun! What’s the city where you meet? Sorry if I overlooked that info.)

    • Michelle AKA @blythelifecom

      Hello Kate! My local Blythe group primarily meets in the Metro Vancouver area (Vancouver, British Columbia; not Vancouver, Washington) 🙂 The BlytheCon Vancouver organizers are all part of the same doll group!

      • Kate says:

        Wow! So you’re in the Vancouver BlytheCon team? I would SO love to join the fun some day! I’m a recent Canadian and a long-time Blythe fan and I’ve still never been to a Blythecon yet 🙁 in Russia we only had one and I couldn’t attend it 🙁
        You should have a lot of Blythe folks in Vancouver! There seem to be only a few here in Montréal.

  2. Blue AKA @squizzy_izzy

    Oh my gosh! The hair on middie on the right is ADORABLE

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