Project KLIPPAN: Part 1

Written on November 25, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I was eyeing my KLIPPAN the other day (the pink Blythe-sized one from HUSET, not a real 1:1 scale couch) and was thinking how much better it would look if it was a different colour. Now, I know that there are slip covers available online like via Etsy but I’m still trying to curb the spending and keep my ‘fun’ spending on the lower side of things because it’s not a necessity. Trying to live a frugal life with a luxury hobby like Blythe is almost like a paradox in a way because it’s Blythe and not exactly a frugal or inexpensive hobby no matter how you look at it.


So I got the idea that I would knit a slip cover for the KLIPPAN. I’m sure you’re all thinking “But Michelle, sewing would be so much faster” and yes, it would be, but you don’t understand how poor of a sewer I am in terms of actually sewing in straight lines. I’m a lot better at knitting, and with the mishaps that may happen it may very well be faster for me to knit the slip cover than it would be for me to sew one. I really wanted to go for a much different colour than the original pink colour (I will not be painting it as I do like the stock pink colour), so I picked out a few colours that I was musing about.


I decided on the one in the middle (the brown), mostly because it’s something that seemed like it would be a good neutral choice – mostly because while I love the reddish purple and the green, I thought a nice neutral colour might be better for now. I have my supplies (yarn, needles, couch for sizing it up against) and I’m probably going to attempt to write a pattern for all of the pieces as I work on it (in case anyone else is as crazy as I am, and for when I decide to go with another colour!). I think it’ll be fun to try to work in different stitch patterns to get the different textures for some visual interest.

Hopefully this pans out. At the time of writing, I have not started actually knitting this. I’m not sure if it will turn out or if it will be a lesson in futility. Hopefully it works out and I don’t regret wasting the time on it (and if it does turn out funny, at least I know?).

2 Responses to “Project KLIPPAN: Part 1”

  1. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    WELP I already love this series. I need some Klippan help, myself. I haven’t seen any covers on Etsy since the beginning of this year!! I’m a very poor sewer as well, so I look forward to seeing how this project goes for you! 🙂

  2. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    Ooh! I’m so excited to see how you do this! I’ve been stalking the remnants at Joann (well, more than I sort of always do) looking for some home Dec fabric with which I can sew a new slipcover for mine.

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