Expanding the Family

Written on February 6, 2016 at 3:30 pm by Michelle
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Lately I’ve been thinking of expanding the doll family,¬† little bit more seriously than usual (which you might have noticed from the recent That New Doll Itch). But I’m also living life with a budget because responsible adulting is a thing (and that’s how I’m saving up for a car). With my new job, I can put aside a bit more than $10-15 a month towards the dolly hobby and I do have a new doll in mind (sort of).


I would love to add a new-to-me Kenner to the family (because a Kenner collection like Becca/Blythetastic! would be the dream!), but then I’ve also wanted to add a BL to my doll family for literally years. My ‘dream’ BL is still either a Mondrian (Mondie) or Dottie Dot, Sunday Best, or Aztec Arrival. While I adore Goldie and Kozy, I don’t think that they’re quit attainable for me at this time because their prices have gone up so much over the years. Clearly I should have scooped up all the BLs when I first started collecting in 2009! Of course, this was the time when really well-made customs were $300-500 and I thought that was a lot of money to spend on a doll…

Essentially, I have four doll on my ‘wish list’/saving-up-for-list right now. I might even forgo¬† in the quantities that I’ve been buying lately until I get that new dolly in my hands.

Which do you think will look best as the newest addition to my doll family?

3 Responses to “Expanding the Family”

  1. nicola says:

    I feel like mondie or Dottie dot would be a good fit. I just adopted and ebl (Piccadilly) in to my dolly family which equates to 4 new blythes this year! My dream dolly is a bl Hollywood at the moment

  2. Gillian says:

    Definitely a Mondie – she’d be a great BL addition!

  3. nicola says:

    There’s a stock dotty dot on dolly adoption facebook!

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