QOTW: If you could design the anniversary doll…?

Written on July 16, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Imagine that you get a letter and they’re asking you to design the next anniversary doll. The only requirements is that the doll base must be either RBL or FBL. The doll must come with at least one full outfit and one special accessory that hasn’t been done yet on any other Blythe.

Previous anniversary dolls that had been done were:

  • Miss Anniversary – dressed like a beauty pageant winner
  • Courtney Tez by NIKE – super cute with Nike accessories and the swoop tattoo
  • Art Attack – who had several outfit boxes and so much stuff
  • Cinema Princess – bright red hair with princess clothes
  • Darling Diva – platinum white hair, multiple outfits with those cowboy boots that everyone wants
  • Princess a la Mode – beautiful teal hair, gorgeous bird cage for her dress, the reason that Alexis Emerald has been so popular
  • Christina the Bride and Eleanor the Forest Dancer – beautiful outfits for both anniversary girls and two very cute accompanying Petites
  • Fashion Obsession Jenna – a ‘regular’ girl with fashionista dreams, a super casual outfit (with cute sunglasses!) with a gorgeous red-carpet-ready dress
  • Marabelle Melody – the Blythe that reminds me of Sailor Moon who had a trio of Simply super heroes as her sidekicks
  • Ten Happy Memories – she was released along with Cherish Me Always (Middie) and Birthday Party Surprise (Petite) who make a very cute trio.

If you could design the anniversary doll, what would the doll look like and what kind of clothing and accessories would the doll have?

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  1. Rachel H says:

    Lolita Sweetheart – “I love Sweet Lolita fashions and Sweetheart candies!”
    Hair: Thermal saran hair that changes from default golden blonde to a light cotton-candy pink.
    Eye colours: Forward facing hot pink, left facing periwinkle blue, right facing a honey brown, forward facing heart-shaped pink fake sweetheart lolly candies for special eyechips.
    Makeup: Hot pink Bow-lip lipstick shade painted over her lipline in a heart shape, pale blushy pink cheeks and a pink-purple gradient for her eyes with some blue tones in the pink eye makeup above her eyes.
    Mold: RBL
    Fashion: A dress that is an explosion of pale pink and cream lace with lots of bows and hearts on the dress, stripedhot pink and white tights, knee-high cream leather boots that have pink laces going right up the boots, a pink and purple and white parasol with doily patterns
    Basically her theme is Japanese Sweet Lolita street fashion mixed with Sweetheart Candies, because both are pink and cutesy 🙂

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