Trying Out Names

Written on February 24, 2017 at 12:10 pm by Michelle
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Little Miss Sunday Best is still pretty much nameless. I’ve been trying out names on here over the last two weeks and so far these are the names that I have tried and decided against because they didn’t really fit:

  • Hannah/Hanna/Hannelore
  • Tess/Tessa
  • Lillie/Lily/Lilly (because I somehow forgot that my blonde Kenner’s name is Lillian Rose?!)
  • Beth/Bess/Bessie

The next couple of days I’ll be trialing the name “Willa” and see if it sticks.

201700224Am I a Willa?

My first BL, a Mondrian, is named Lottie (which is a nickname for Charlotte). I’m sort of trying to find another ‘nickname’ for my second BL’s name. I’ve been very good about rejecting names so far though, gold star for me there, but have been failing to find a name that I feel “fits” her.

I can’t remember the last time I had this much trouble naming a doll.

I’m beginning to feel a little bit ridiculous.

Sunday Best is wearing: dress/Endangered Sissy.

QOTW: Do You Have a Mini-Me?

Written on February 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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One of the many reasons why I love Blythe is because she can be so versatile and she changes for each individual Blythe enthusiast. She can be a little girl, a girly girl, a tom boy, or completely and utterly glamourous. The sky is the limit when it comes to who Blythe can be.

20170220Oh hai, I’m basically Michelle in doll form.

And she can also be a mini-me. My personal mini-me is Belarus (Love Mission) – she’s just missing brown eyes (and I can’t bring myself to change out her eye chips because EBLs are perfection to me). I even got her some black glasses to complete the look. Although who I wish was my mini-me is Maple Reed (Devi Delacour) or even Cameo (customized Ichigo Heaven) because I wish I had dark red or pink hair.

Do you have a mini-me? (Share photos/links to photos below in the comments!)

Belarus is wearing: shirt/Dutch Blythe Fashion, jeans/Puppy52Dolls.

Finding Motivation (Again)

Written on February 17, 2017 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Once upon a time, I used to get very stressed out if I didn’t have posts to go up here. I made a plan to get three posts up every week and by golly, I was going to do it. As the years have gone by (have I really been writing BlytheLife since 2010?!), I’ve gotten a little bit more lax with my post scheduling. Part of it is because I went through a fairly intensive post-secondary program that sucked up a lot of my time, and the other part (in more recent months) is because I’ve gotten a job that keeps me fairly busy.

Something that I have discovered since graduation and subsequently working, is that it is hard to find time and energy to work on things that aren’t just: work, sleep, eat, repeat. Playing with dolls has fallen to the wayside because of the fact that other things (sadly) take priority. I still very much love Blythe dolls and think that they’re wonderful (and very much still love getting new ones!), but it’s hard to find the time to do things with them. Plus, now with my rotating shift schedule (hello world of nursing), it can be difficult to find time to go to meets or meet up with local dolly friends. It’s hard to go to meets at noon when I get home from work at 8am. (Actually, it’s just hard to find motivation to do anything after a night shift, let’s be perfectly honestly and frank about that!)


Lately, I haven’t had a lot of motivation to do much outside of work, sleep, spending a small amount of time with people in the outside world. Last weekend, when I went to a friend’s house to watch a sporting event of sorts – I knitted doll clothes while I was there because I was in front of the television anyways. And you know what? I felt productive! Like I was doing something with my dolls (for once). And the dolls benefit – including the Middies because I finally made them something too. It was a nice feeling, and I’m going to be making an effort to include the dolls in more of my everyday activities (when I can).

How do you find motivation or find time to spend on your hobbies?

Seeking: Talented People

Written on February 15, 2017 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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In case you wanted to participate in the March Talent Showcase and thought it was too late, I had someone drop out unexpectedly so there’s a spot that has opened up! Again, this is an interview/feature opportunity on to bring attention to you and your work!

Concerned that your work isn’t quite what I’m looking for? In the past, I have interviewed: customizers, sewers, knitters/crocheters, miniature makers, and so much more! As long as it is Blythe (Kenner, Neo, ADG, Middie, and/or Petite) related, I’m pretty open to anything and everything – I just really enjoy interviewing people!

My original post on the 2017 March Talent Showcase was here. There is more information on How to Get Featured here, and you can email me at for more information as well. If you’re interested, get in touch with me! I try my best to reply to emails within 24 hours.

Sunday Best’s wearing: dress/puppy52.

QOTW: Nameless dolls?

Written on February 13, 2017 at 12:30 pm by Michelle
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I finally got myself to the post office last week to pick up my packages. I had a few packages of tea (it’s not an addiction, I swear! I can stop at any time) and my new doll. Last week I gave some hints: older release, blonde, and stock.


I bought myself a Sunday Best (BL). She’s pretty much a delight and I love her. I’ve wanted a Sunday Best for a really long time – since way back when Flickr was the place to be with the Blythe photos and I followed people who participated in 365 and used their Sunday Best as their 365 girl.

She has no name yet. I’m feeling a bit bad that she doesn’t have a name just yet or that a name just hasn’t come to me… But it will with time. I hope. I don’t want to be referring to her just as “Sunday Best” forever.

Do you have any dolls that are nameless or remained nameless for a really long time? What did you finally name her?

Sunday Best’s wearing: top/made by me, capris/puppy52.

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