Has your mind changed about the “new” Flickr?

Written on August 2, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Since Flickr announced, and unveiled, their big changes in May, the doll community has remained rather split on if the changes are good or bad. I asked then if people were wanting to stay with Flickr or move to another photo sharing site. A lot of people migrated to Ipernity, but then people moved back for whatever reason.

I personally found Ipernity a bit of a pain to use. Yes, it had some fantastic features that I think a lot of people enjoyed (e.g. journaling capabilities, the fact that the Ipernity staff is okay with people using images to sell items), but a lot of people eventually moved back to Flickr. I had opened an Ipernity account, but I found it cumbersome and honestly, I didn’t want to maintain two social media accounts for photos when I had already established myself onto Flickr for years now. As a non-Etsy/Artfire seller, I haven’t been reported for selling on the forums and I know some people have and found it frustrating that Flickr takes selling so seriously – especially when there are some that get away with selling without so much as a peep. I found Ipernity to be slow at times, and I felt that it could have been better organized. Plus, initially I did not have email notifications turned off so when people were adding me as a friend/contact, my email inbox just imploded upon itself and I was suddenly faced with a staggering number of new, unread emails in a very short period of time. But I feel that the community’s stance on Ipernity has also declined as well. While I don’t actively use Ipernity (this may be because I can directly upload Instagram photos onto Flickr…), I’ve noticed a decrease in the number of photos being uploaded there, as well as a decrease in activity amongst the people I had added as contacts. Was the community’s mass migration from Flickr to Ipernity too hasty?

If you are still on Flickr…

  1. Have you gotten used to the changes by now?
  2. Do you still prefer the old Flickr to the new Flickr?
  3. Are you having trouble finding certain pages still or has the navigation system become like second nature?
  4. What is, in your opinion, the worst aspect of the ‘new’ Flickr?

If you made the move to Ipernity…

  1. Do you find Ipernity active?
  2. Do you still check Flickr to see if there are photos you’ve missed seeing?
  3. What are your favourite Ipernity features?
  4. What is your least favourite aspect of Ipernity?

Remember, if you have a Pro account now, you still have until August 20th to change your account from Pro to Free status and get a prorated refund on your annual subscription. However, once you change to a Free account, you are no longer eligible to subscribe at the same rate (annual fees will double).

4 Responses to “Has your mind changed about the “new” Flickr?”

  1. Steph! says:

    I keep waiting for everyone’s responses… I thought this was a great topic to discuss! I never left flickr… I thought if I had to learn something it might as well be something I was already paying for. I guess I am used to it but it will never compare to the ease of the old flickr. I did start an Ipernity account but haven’t done anything with it… only started it so I could stay in touch with some of my friends who left flickr. Such is life… technology is always changing!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I find Ipernity to be slow. Not a lot of people use it, so I find myself not spending as much time there as Flickr. For me Flickr became easier to navigate once I explored it a little, it’s not that different than the “old” Flickr. I think a lot of people over-reacted when they decided to leae.

  3. Sara says:

    I use ipernity for the blogging feature, it’s great! I love that they openly stated that they will allow people to sell too. I still visit Flickr, but I don’t use it as much because my internet is restricted by bandwidth and the photos are just too large in file size to make it worthwhile anymore.

  4. Rhisiart Hincks says:

    I moved to Ipernity last summer and intended to stay active on Flickr too. Soon after I found that I lost interest in Flickr and concentrate now entirely on Ipernity.

    I don’t understand what is “slow” about it; I have never found it slow even though it is obviously quieter than Flickr.

    1. Do you find Ipernity active?

    I do find it very active. As with anything, you get out what you put in and perhaps you need to make a bit more effort on Ipernity as it is smaller, and if you are an award-junkie or addicted to just putting “seen in + name of group”, you’ll find Ipernity hard-going as such things are generally considered spam by Ipernity and by many, but not all, of its members.

    2. Do you still check Flickr to see if there are photos you’ve missed seeing?

    I am too busy on Ipernity to look at Flickr very often at all. I always intend to have a look, but when you are content somewhere the desire to return recedes.

    3. What are your favourite Ipernity features?

    It is like Flickr without the dreadful scrolling so you can find your favourites easily and look through pictures without having them vomited at you.

    The article section is a good feature but it wouldn’t be a reason for me to stay there.

    Freedom from flashy icons and awards, although not 100%, is a great once you get used to it. They now seem so silly and annoying when I look at Flickr!

    I was told on Flickr that I should only show photos suitable for primary school children in Singapore or make them Moderate. Ipernity, whilst being stricter than Flickr regarding images of children, has a generally much healthier and European attitude to the body and to art. It isn’t “anything goes” but it isn’t “one naked buttock or an artistic representation of a nude body and you must make your picture Moderate”, which is the Flickr default.

    4. What is your least favourite aspect of Ipernity?

    It is simply that you are in a smaller pool. There is more than enough to look at but obviously there is more of everything on Flickr just because it is so big.

    There has been some tension on Ipernity recently regarding comment codes but the vast majority there have a a very sensible attitude towards the subject and people have calmed down now. A new way of recommending photos to groups is to be introduced shortly.

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