QOTW: Which doll would you save in a fire first?

Written on September 23, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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When this question gets posed to me, I know what the person is really asking is “Who’s your favourite?”. By definition, I should only have one favourite. Because if there was more than one, there’d still be a ranking of who is number one and who is number two. Plastic is unfortunately one of those materials that will melt in a fire, so in the event of a fire, I’d probably try to rescue all of my dolls. You know, if it was safe to do so and I wasn’t putting myself in any dangerous. (Yeah right, I’d probably be the last one out clutching onto my dolls like they were some kind of life raft and somehow going to keep me alive when I walk through the flames.)

That said, whenever I get asked who my favourite is, my answer is to show people my phone. Now, my phone isn’t anything particularly unique (a white Galaxy S3 in a fun lime green case), but it’s the wallpaper that is the most telling part of all. As in who’s featured…


Because, let’s face it, the moment I laid eyes on her Frizziest-ness, I knew that Prim had to be mine. Princess Primrose, Primrose, Prim, Prim-Prim. I’m still incredibly thankful to my friend who a) found her (and her other six sisters that make up the Vancouver Seven) and b) for allowing me to adopt her and her other sister (Miss Lillian Rose). She is, without a doubt, the ‘top’ favourite out of the dolls that I have and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. And yes, that means rescuing her first in the event of a fire because she’d probably rise out of the ashes and beat me senseless if I left her behind and ‘dispose’ of whichever doll(s) I did rescue first.

Which doll would you save in a fire first?

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  1. Kelly says:

    Lol Funny post, I can see myself also as the last one running out of the burning building clutching my Blythes!

    My Ice Rune first comes to mind… it would be her or my Kiss Me True… IR was the first Blythe I fell in love with, I couldn’t afford her for my first doll, so I got KMT first which makes her very special. Very difficult decision…

  2. SonjeB says:

    Ugh! What a dilemma! Well, I’d have to say that I really could leave the dolls behind in favor of my family and pets, however, My custom dolly would be the one I’d be most interested in saving. I have others with more developed “personality.” But this little custom girl is so adorable that I love her so much. I can’t help looking at her all the time. I would definitely miss her the most if something were to happen to my dollies.

  3. Gill says:

    This is a really tricky question. I can sit here and think fairly dispassionately about the question – but if I went to the dollyshelf and looked at them all…OK then, my Star Dancer (but then what about Saffy, and DB, and MPG….) Aaargh!!

  4. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    My first Blythe, for sure — my Ice Rune, Aury.

  5. Tracy says:

    Well, I know which one would be the LAST one I’d save (teehee) . . . that would be my Simply Mango who is in pieces at the moment sitting in a box under my desk waiting for me to decide what to do with her . . . and the second to the last would be my T42, Willow, because she just hasn’t grown on me at all. I would definitely scoop the rest up . . .

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