QOTW: What draws you to a stock doll?

Written on November 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Meet Minnow! :)
Meet Minnow!

If all Blythes were created equal, there wouldn’t be soaring popularity and matching prices for some while others remain unsold for days or weeks at a time. There will always be those dolls that can command higher prices (Margo Unique Girl, I’m talking to you!) and those who are not as heavily appreciated (that would be some of the Aubrey incarnations, Frosty Frock who tried so hard to be like Saffy). For me, it’s typically the stock make-up and hair that draws me in the most. I’m not particularly drawn in by the eyechips (especially stock ones), because I do have the meager skills needed to change eyechips all on my own. But rerooting? Or making the dolls all pretty with new face-ups? That is well beyond my capabilities at the moment – so I look for dolls with faces and hair that I like. I can do basic touch-ups on factory hair cuts though. It takes either skills or money to have a customized doll – of which that I have neither right now.

My newest addition is Hi-Ho Marine!, who was a birthday gift to me from my parents. I wanted Hi-Ho Marine because of her bright sunshiney hair. And she has the brightest cheeks I’ve ever seen in Flickr photos. If you don’t

What draws you to a stock doll?

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  1. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    Like you, I am most attracted to the hair and makeup on any doll! Nice stock is certainly pretty and a bonus, but isn’t the deciding factor by any means, for me. Especially now that stock tends to be cheaper-looking and feeling. I love Vinter Arden’s stock, and so does everyone else, but I hardly ever dress her or any of my many girls in stock (besides shoes) so her pretty stock is just usually in the closet.

    I’m really, really attracted to the blushier girls (Ice Rune, Cousin Olivia, and Red Delicious come to mind). Since I don’t customize or matte-ify my girls’ faces, it’s certainly nice when they come with that rosy glow already piled on. I have yet to dye any hair, although I’ve cut some, so the more I like a girl completely stock — without thinking, “I like all the customized versions of this girl that I’ve seen on Flickr; I could get her a face-up” — then the more I know she is for me!

  2. Pam says:

    I just unwrapped my 2nd doll today, an Allie Gabrielle.

    So far less makeup and more natural looking is what I like. And with Allie Gabrielle the eye colors just made me like her even more.

  3. Gillian says:

    Good question. I’ve just looked at my collection (all stock) and realised that they all have pink/natural lips and blush – and mostly blonde/mink/brunette hair. Eye shadow’s out there – don’t mind. Definitely the natural look.

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