QOTW: Things to think about before new dolly purchase?

Written on March 24, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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You realize that the green clashes, right?

I frequently get emails asking for tips about what to ask sellers before committing to buy a doll (this would be for dolls that aren’t still in the box), and I tend to give the same advice, some of these questions really only apply to customized dolls (and also, older dolls). One of the dolls that I bought used, Kindred (Velvet Minuet, pictured above), was from a seller who was very good about disclosing any flaws. But this was very early on in my doll-buying adventure, and I didn’t know what kinds of questions to ask so I was very lucky in that regard! Here are some suggested questions to ask sellers:

  • Has the doll ever been opened? If yes, are there any gaps around the scalp?
  • What eyechip changes have been made?
  • Are the eyelashes original?
  • Are there any stains on the body?
  • If there are charms on the pullstrings – how will the doll be wrapped? (The charms should be secured – rattling charms can scratch the face.)
  • What has the doll been sealed with? (Has the doll’s face-up been sealed?)
  • If it’s the original body – are there still red/pink nail polish on the tips of the fingers? (Some stock dolls, e.g. Punkaholic People, have painted nails.)
  • Has the hair ever been cut?
  • Can close-up photos of the face-up be provided?

What are some things that you think about before a new dolly purchase?

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