QOTW: What is your maximum for a customized Blythe?

Written on April 21, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Photo by Juliet/mydollies4.

As a follow-up to last week’s QOTW when I had done some Blythe-by-numbers for you all, the magical average cost of a customized Blythe was $599.50USD. Granted, there was a huge range in cost, variation in customizers and the range of customizing that was done to the dolls. Some were simplistic with a little light carving here, a haircut, and some chips were changed. Others are complete changes in hair (mmm, fluffy mohair…) and handpainted chips, not to mention some extreme carving was done to the dolls.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t see myself ever paying more than $1000 for a customized Blythe doll unless she was something very special. Perhaps a doll with a long, fluffy mohair or alpaca reroot. But then she’d have to have all custom, handpainted eyechips, themed charms and perhaps a very detailed face-up. I’d expect for that premium price tag that shipping (insured, of course) might even be included or at least partially included, and the base doll would have to be a legitimate Blythe rather than a factory or another type of fake. Would that be considered too picky? Then again, I’m not really in the position these days to purchase a customized Blythe – secondhand or otherwise. My personal maximum would likely be around $600. It seems to be the “going rate” these days, and for that much money, the majority of customized dolls are well within my grasp. Not that I can afford a $600 doll at this moment, but it is nice to dream! And setting limits for myself also gives me a reality check. Why look beyond my means when there isn’t the cash flow for it? As it is, I’m currently musing about getting my first BL, and have since becoming a Blythe enthusiast nearly five years ago. Not a customized BL, but a stock one. One of these days…

Luckily for the majority of people who are in the market for a custom doll, there are many available at various price ranges – depending on what you’re looking for in the doll, and the artist behind the work. Dolls get priced at such a diverse range of prices. Some people only price for cost of materials, neglecting to take their time into account, while others price what the market will bear. Why go under if people are willing to pay more, and why price it higher if nobody will dare to fork up that much for it?

What is your maximum for a customized Blythe?

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