PSA: Use eBay? Change Your Password!

Written on May 26, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Interrupting the usual Question of the Week for a little Public Service Announcement!

While eBay can be a fantastic place to go and shop online, find those amazing deals on beat-up old Kenners, and snipe at a new release that you missed out on in the official lottery, it is not infallible. Not by a long shot.

eBay announced last week that they had been hacked and suffered from what they call a “security breach”. As such, they are urging people to change their passwords. As I know many people in the Blythe community do buy dolls and sundries from eBay, it’s important to be aware of events like this! I don’t know how often all of you change your eBay password, but it’s probably not frequently enough when it comes to things like this.


Approximately 145 million eBay users, worldwide, are affected by this data breach. So, better safe than sorry! As annoying as it is to remember a new password, having someone decide to sniff around in your account would be a lot worse. And if you’ve changed your eBay password on or after May 21st (Wednesday of last week), you should be (according to eBay) golden.

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