QOTW: Cleaning out the closet?

Written on January 9, 2017 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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There is just something about the start of a new year that has people setting new goals and resolutions. And that for me has me eyeing the doll closet in a way that is probably not good (for the dolls). I’ve been thinking about cleaning out the doll closet for a while now, and to look at each piece critically to decide if I want to keep it or if it’s just because I’m too lazy to actually go through the process of listing and selling it (spoiler alert: it is definitely the latter).

20170109I think as long as this isn’t the only dress left, my dolls will be okay. Maybe.

Part of the issue with me clearing out the closet is that I have substantially curbed the clothes and shoe buying habit when it comes to my dolls’ wardrobe. I’ve gotten more selective in what pieces get brought in, and what pieces that I want to add to my collection. Part of this is because I’ve already amassed a great deal of items (in my opinion, I’m sure my collection of dresses and boots pales in comparison to what others collectors have!), and part of it has to due with a sheer lack of space. I had to downsize in terms of the size of my room last year when I moved, so the amount of space that I have has significantly changed.

It’s probably for the best that I haven’t gone through the wardrobe with a fine tooth comb (yet), but one of my goals for January is to do just that. Go through each piece and decide if I want to keep it because I love/like it, or if it’s because I’m just too lazy to go through the process of selling it. Chances are, I’ll try to enlist the help of a local friend in doing the selling for me (or just bring it to a doll meet and let people at it). Then will come the process of deciding what to add to the collection – but I need to make room for things first!

Have you cleaned out your doll closet recently? How much did you keep because you didn’t want to go through the process of selling it? (And if you have any tips for selling/getting rid of doll clothes, share them below!)

3 Responses to “QOTW: Cleaning out the closet?”

  1. Rinntara says:

    Usually if I get rid of doll clothes, it’s because my taste has changed, so it isn’t too difficult to let those things go. I’d rather they got some use with someone else.

  2. K. AKA @MaidenCanada

    I am in the process of doing this right now…I discovered new containers at michaels on bogo and they started my reorganizing binge

  3. Frankie says:

    I’m sorry to say I do not have any reorganising tips… my doll clothing collection is small and perfect and I wouldn’t dream of letting any of it go! 🙂

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