QOTW: Would you pay more for a custom or a Kenner?

Written on May 15, 2017 at 3:00 pm by Michelle
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It’s just like me to open up a can of worms, but it is something to think about. For me personally, my most expensive doll was my (first) Kenner. She was an eBay auction that I was determined to win after having saved and set aside all of the over time that I had earned over the summer. In comparison, my two custom dolls (both bought secondhand, both are Friends With Blythe customs) were considerably cheaper compared to any of my Kenner Blythe dolls. This is in part to the fact that the customizer wasn’t active in the community, and at the time wasn’t a highly sought after artist.


There are certain names, of which I’m sure you can think of right now, that command top dollar. When a doll starts hitting four digit price tags (especially before the conversion of USD $ to CAD $), I get a bit antsy. I’m always aware that the Canadian dollar is doing poorly compared to the American counterpart. That $30 doll dress turns into a $50-plus purchase after taking into fact the costs of shipping to Canada and the price conversion. With the way that the market currently is, and how poorly the dollar is doing, I’m highly resistant to actually buying new dolls right now unless it’s an incredibly good deal – whether it be a Kenner, a custom, or a stock doll of any kind. The dollar isn’t kind at the moment. However, I think for the right custom (or Kenner!), I’d be willing to open up my wallet. Chances are though, I’d spend more on a Kenner than a custom (but that’s just where my personal preferences are).

Would you pay more for a custom or a Kenner?

Cameo’s wearing: helmet/Cakewalk Queen, dress/Plastic Fashion, leggings/Endangered Sissy.
Prim’s wearing: dress/Endangered Sissy, capris/Fancy Pansy stock.

11 Responses to “QOTW: Would you pay more for a custom or a Kenner?”

  1. 2tMargarett says:

    No question, more for a Kenner!

  2. Chelle says:

    Kenner definitely unless it is a love at first sight immaculate custom I bond with at first glance…

  3. Jolie says:

    No question Kenner are customed by time best of both worlds

  4. Cherish says:

    Ooh, good question! I’m probably another vote for Kenner.
    To me, a vintage doll in limited supply (that’s only going to deplete over time!) makes her worth more. Customs… honestly, as gorgeous as some of the expensive “highly sought-after” ones are, there are also many other customisers out there who aren’t well-known but their work is arguably just as good.
    I think personally I’m more inclined to pay extra for something with history than pay extra for something with a popular name.

  5. Andreja says:

    I sometimes daydream about finding a Kenner at a flea market for few bucks, which in my case isn’t totally insane, because in my part of the world Blythes aren’t well known at all. But then – a potential seller can easily inform herself with just few clicks about the treasure she/he owns 🙂 Anyway – If such a miracle ever happens, I would sell the Kenner without any hesitation and buy a custom from one of my favorite customizer. But to be honest, I’ve never seen a Kenner in person … I might change my mind If really held her in my hands 🙂

  6. Minttulip says:

    I think I would probably spend money on the perfect Kenner. I’ve never really had the same connection with customs as I do stock dolls. Of course I think they’re pretty, but its the stock girls that I’m the most drawn to.
    If I could find an immaculate Kenner, I think I’d pay whatever was asked of me 😀 !!

    • Cara says:

      I agree with you fully Mintulip! The stock dolls have always captured my hearts. Though I prefer my more beat up Kenner, cause I don’t have to be afraid to play with her. 🙂

  7. Cara says:

    100% Kenner. Though, I have little interest in customs, for myself. 🙂

  8. Hayley says:

    I have a couple of stock girls a lightly custom girl and a Kenner, my Kenner comes with a typical slight hair cut with the Kenner frizz, so to begin with I was like argh what have I brought :0 but after I styled her hair styled just right and a cute outfit she is 100% my absolute favourite! For what I paid for my Kenner was the same price I have seen custom girls sell for so for me I would buy a Kenner over a custom

  9. Karen Distler says:

    I have two 1972 blythe dolls. Pull strings work. One has no hair. Other is red head w green dress. I have 3 authentic dresses, 3 panties, and 4 shoes. I have an additional original pants outfit. Ebay prices are all over the place from 1249 to 3500. A body and detaced head is 599. What would be a fair asking price?

  10. Cherhl says:

    I have a brunnette 1972 kenner Blythe from my childhood if you are interested to buy her.original clothes.

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