Friday Five: 012

Written on August 31, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Every month’s last Friday (almost every month…) is part of a feature on, Friday Five. Welcome everyone to this month’s instalment! I mention 5 things I love every month..

If you have any suggestions for next month’s Friday Five, please don’t hesitate to email me! Maybe you have a site you think that I should feature or a pattern that’s free and up on the web? Tell me!

For the month of August, I found 5 places on the internet that I kept going back to again and again and I decided to share them with you!

  1. – the Blythe community’s answer to an easy to read guide to what stock doll is that? Also has great sections on Kenners, Petites and Middies as well as dress sets, shoe sets and accessories that were officially produced by Takara.
  2. Blythe Directory – a great Tumblr website that’s easy to navigate! You can look up various Blythes to see photos, find release information. You can also search via appearance (hair colour), by mold type and by release date. At the time of writing, some details are still missing (particularly under release dates), but you can still find a lot of information regarding various stock Blythes of your choosing!
  3. I’ve been obsessed with looking at photos of Middies lately! For those who are also in love with Middie, there are several Flickr groups – the one I’ve recently joined is called Middie Blythe.
  4. Junko Wong‘s blog has been fun to read in August. It’s bilingual and has lots of fun photos, not necessarily always about Blythe. It’s interesting to see what she has to say about new releases though!
  5. Lastly, I’ve been looking at more and more photos of customized Blythes (uh oh!) and there’s another Flickr group that I frequent as well that’s all for custom Blythes.

If you know of a site, group or activity that you think I should highlight in next month’s Freebie Friday Five, let me know! Comment below or email me.

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