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Written on October 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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This is part three of my “Thoughts on…” mini series. The first two parts were on Kenners and Customs.

I received my very first Petite (LPS) in 2011 as a gift. I hadn’t really had much interactions with Petites before, I know there’s some structural differences between the Takara and LPS variety. For starters, the Takara ones can close their eyes if you lay they down, while the LPS have fixed eyes. You can also take the Takara heads apart, while the LPS ones are one solid piece. Some people had taken to performing ‘surgery’ on the LPS Petites in order to change things with them. I think they’re cute, they’re kind of an odd body shape seeing as how they can wear Polly Pocket shoes, but have heads that are about the same size as Barbie or Skipper. It’s weird, isn’t it? Then again, Blythe does have a fairly disproportionate head to her body.

I highlight ALL the things!

I hadn’t done very much with my LPS until after seeing the Virtual BlytheCon for Dallas back in August when Becca (SewPixie) had her LPS Petite, Cooper, steal the show with her cute little antics on screen. That gave me the inspiration to pull out my LPS Petite for photos. And it’s a lot like with regular-sized Blythe as well – the more you interact with them, the more photos you take, the more you enjoy them.

I clip ALL the things!! (Good grief...)

Pip encourages you to take your Petite, whether she be Takara or LPS, out for photos today! Show some love for the littlest Blythe around!

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