Friday Five: 016

Written on December 28, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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The last Friday of every month is part of a feature on, Friday Five. Welcome everyone to this month’s installment! I mention 5 things I love every month.

For the month of December I wanted to share several doll related blogs that I love, that I read and that I recommend. Some of these blogs have been featured before – but they’re just that good.

  1. My Plastic Fantasy – by Alice
  2. – by Katie
  3. Makie Couture – by Dr Duckie
  4. CraftyGirl* – by Emily
  5. Smidge House – by Carmen

December’s Friday Five will be the last of the regular monthly installments of the column. I will have sporadic Friday Five installments in the future, so it’ll still be around – just not every month. 2013 marks a new year and I have many new  things to showcase on the blog! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Friday Five series.

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