Remember to do something nice for you too!

Written on January 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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So often I’m on the dolly forums or on Etsy looking up things for my dolls. I like spoiling them – getting new clothes, hats, shoes, stockings for them. It’s fun! And it’s great getting things in the mail all the time for my dolls because it’s just… fun. I enjoy it greatly. But the doll hobby isn’t an inexpensive one. Since joining in the hobby, in 2009, I’ve spent more money on the dolls than I have on myself (besides school things – textbooks, I’m looking at you!). And while technically the things that I buy for the dolls are really for me, it’s “for the dolls” in my head. So I try make a conscious effort once in a while to treat myself to something, even if there’s something else (doll related…) that’d I’d rather have. It’s nice to get a tiny pair of shoes in the mail, or a small frock – but at the same time… I need shoes too, and clothes, and perhaps a new bag since I’ve been using the same one for goodness knows how long. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way –  we cannot forget to do something nice for us too! Sometimes it’s nice to have a human-sized treat from time to time?

My most recent human-sized treat? I bought myself a new bag – mostly because my old bag has a tear in the lining and the straps are starting to go (yes, it was on sale too – that wasn’t the point though).

Mine ?

Have you done something nice for yourself lately?

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  1. Tracy says:

    Nice bag! 🙂

    I just plopped down $70 for a pair of black Converse sneakers with tiny sequins all over them. I kept picking them up and putting them back down until my son reminded me that I had recently plopped down $30 for a pair of boots for my dollies. He said, “Mom, your feet are like a hundred times bigger so you should be able to spend like $300 on a pair of shoes without blinking!” This from the boy who gleefully hands me stilettos to try on just to see me fall over in the shoe department! 🙂

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