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Written on August 30, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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2/365 - I hafta finish putting on my boots...

I adore doll shoes (this you probably already knew…). There’s just something about the dainty little doll shoes that exist in the world and how they’re so very small! I wish I had a shoe collection like my dolls did, I really do. If I did though, I think I’d struggle to figure out where to stash all the shoes and boots (I may have more than a few pairs of dolly shoes). There’s just something really great about the small plastic shoes that I love. Maybe it’s how adorable they look on small dolly feet, or the level of detail that can go into a tiny shoes. Exploring the idea further, maybe it’s just the fact that that I can have dozens of doll shoes and not take up a lot of space and it adds to my need to collect All. The. Things. I can’t afford to have all the Blythes ever released (and wouldn’t that just be the dream?!) but I can have many pairs of tiny doll shoes and no one would be the wiser because they all just mix in together so well.

JR Middie's stock boots ?

There’s just something about them that is so wonderful. And they can be so incredibly detailed – both new boots and vintage ones.

So yeah... this happened...

And I just love choosing them to go with outfits or organizing them. They even look great against mundane things (like my study notes for my pathophysiology final exam last term!).

112/365 - Pink boots

And the thrill of buying yet another organizer box because I’ve finally exceeded the two that I had? Because life is too short to restrict your shoe collection to two organizer boxes – trust me, I tried.

Skipper flats ?

It’s a wonderfully fun to get to play with boxes full of doll shoes and to pick out what doll is wearing what. And even more fun to get new shoes in the mail and to decide who will be wearing what first!

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  1. SonjeB says:

    Oh, I love dolly shoes as well. I have muscle problems and now must limit my own shoe collection to one brand and as few as I can because that brand is expensive (fortunately, they are fashionable as well). So, I think I live vicariously through the girls when it comes to fashion. The problem with my girls, however, is that they don’t like to share, and so each one has their own trunk with their own outfits and their own shoes. Occasionally, I can talk them into sharing with each other, but not often. These days, they all have different types and sizes of bodies, so it makes sharing even more difficult. The good news is, I can always look forward to receiving shoes in the mail, because as soon as I get one pair, I usually order another pair. Hey, if you’re going to hoard something, at least these little shoes don’t take up much space. 😉

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