And Then, I Dreamt of Furniture

Written on February 27, 2015 at 3:30 pm by Michelle
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I adore thrift stores. One of my dreams in life is to one day stumble across a minty Kenner Blythe. Maybe she’d have frizzy hair, maybe she’d still have both shoes on. But my dream is to find that elusive thrift store Kenner. Previously loved, and then so carelessly tossed into a box to be sent to a local thrift store. I’d come across her and pay the amazing price of $1 and be gleefully on my way.


Short of that dream, some pattern books for Barbie-sized furniture is always welcome. I came across these ages ago at a thrift store, bought them, and then promptly forgot about them until I was recently cleaning. The last time I did anything with plastic canvas would have been when I took a textiles class in high school, so I was a bit nostalgic when I came across these books and then I was super excited because Blythe fits pretty well with Barbie-sized furniture as they are technically the same scale (1:6).

While some of the colour combinations are bit dated, I think the overall furniture shapes can be mostly be used for a more ‘modern’ set. The nice thing about plastic canvas projects is the ease of it, and plus it’s fairly easy to thread a yarn needle (as opposed to a needle for cross stitching). I do plan on getting my hands on some plastic canvas soon, and see if I have the right type of yarn and then maybe I’ll make some living room accessories in bright colours to go with the IKEA HUSET pieces.

Will there be new furniture in my dolls’ future? Most likely!

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  1. Pauleen Potter AKA @PauleenPotter

    I’ve got those books too!!! I was really excited when I found them and decided to buy one of each. Now I only need enough plastic canvas for all the projects 😀

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