Tiny Shoe Love #13

Written on May 4, 2016 at 3:00 pm by Michelle
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These are a pair of the tiniest shoes that I own, the tiniest of the tiny because they are sized for Petites! If you’ve never seen a Petite before, their feet are super small – just 10mm in length and 4mm in width, talk about small! I have zero clue which doll these shoes were originally released with (potentially with an LPS?) as I received Lark fully customized and dressed.



Lark is an I.G. Sirenita custom Petite that my sister won at BlytheCon Vancouver 2015 (and later gave to me). I included a pair of Neo-sized purple boots for size comparison between the sizes – it’s crazy!

Tiny Shoe Love is a feature on to showcase and share doll shoes that grace Michelle’s picky dolls’ feet. We love tiny shoes in this house, and we hope you do too!

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  1. Kirsten AKA @lady_kire

    I’m pretty certain those shoes are from the LPS Blythe that came with the scooter. I had that doll, and her shoes looked exactly like the one pictures.

  2. Rinntara says:

    Those shoes are so cute, so much like the bigger ones it’s amazing. There are tiny shoes from the ‘fashion polly’ type of Polly Pocket dolls that fit LPS Blythe, so I assume they fit petites too. Some of the polly shoes are really detailed, and a touch or two of paint can really bring out the molded details — though you might need a magnifying glass! The ones I had were kind of squishy, easy to get on and off. I rebodied my LPS’s onto obitsu 11 so they wear Kelly shoes now. I just got a middie who also wears Kellys so there’s intense shoe rivalry. Gretchen (my middie) is winning…

  3. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    Wow! Those are super tiny! I’ve never tried removing the boots from my petite (the LPS one that came with a plaid skirt and white sweater). 🙂

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