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Written on October 8, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I have a new Fancy Pansy and have decided on a name started with B (my two other EBL dolls, Love Mission and Margaret Meets Ladybug, both have names that start with B – Belarus and Bennett) – Brighton.

I know some people use baby name websites, others choose names of favourite television show, movie or book characters or sometimes people just put a word and a name together to create something (erm, like Tertiary Jane, my Simply Peppermint). So I was just wondering… How do you go about coming up with new names?

Some name resources are:

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  1. Mckenna says:

    My very first doll went through a lot of name changes.
    Finally she’s found a forever name. Blythe. I thought it was fitting since she was my first one. My second one was named Misty because she had black hair, my mamas favorite cat was black haired and named Misty.
    My third was named Ivy Wild after a street here where I live.
    My fourth, was Marina, named by my mama for her ocean of hair.
    My fifth, was Cream cheese and jam, was named Prudence after the Beatles song.
    My 6th, very inspired by pow wow poncho was named Saffron, after the spice. (I’m pretty sure it said somewhere she liked to collect herbs and spices)
    My 6th, my only middie was named Tillie May, after a character in the book series “The doll people”.
    Her full name is Matilda.
    My 7th, is Eleanor. I decided her name beforehand, her hair looked like an elephant to me. Eleanor the elephant just seems fitting to me. My first basaak was named Wren and I have no idea why. My other basaak was name Winifred because of the Winnie the Pooh.

    The name I like for my next doll are Willamette (street name) and Freya (saw it on a doll customizing video)

    So sorry for rambling!

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