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Written on November 1, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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37/365 - I'm trying to take my own photo

If you’ve been participating in a 365 project this year, and you started on January 1st, you’d be on photo number 305 of 365 today. When I was doing 365 (the first time around), it was hard to be creative past the first fifty photos. And even harder after 100, and every subsequent photo after that. By the time I got to 365, I was over taking photos and I didn’t really take any pictures of my dolls for the month or so after that. So for all those lovely people on photo 305 or even photo 30, here are some photo ideas for you:

  1. Have your doll take a “selfie” – bonus for having it at an odd angle (e.g. up the nose!) and blurry, like real selfies.
  2. Your girl with the top 15 clothing items or shoes that she wears.
  3. Dolly + Me photo
  4. Your doll with her very own cell phone, texting her dolly BFF.
  5. Have a coffee or dessert date with you and your doll.
  6. Have your doll sewing her own outfits for a change.
  7. Carefully balance her on top of your cat or dog (and hope they stay still with the promise of a treat!).
  8. Give your doll their own pet (I have a doll who would recommend a pocket T-rex as the ‘perfect pet’).
  9. Doll up your 365 girl in a red carpet-worthy dress.
  10. Take a photo of her reading her favourite Blythe blog!

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