QOTW: Who was your latest doll purchase?

Written on May 19, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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With there being a non-stop influx of new dolls into the market, Takaras and TBLs, it seems like there’s always somebody out there making a preorder, winning an auction, or slyly doing a bulk order of TBLs somewhere. There’s all sorts of places that you can find Blythe now too, you’re not limited to ‘official’ channels when it comes to wanting to find an older doll, or a customized doll. There’s many favourites, and perhaps you’re out looking for a Middie instead of a Neo, or you have your eyes on a Petite. And as someone who’s been woefully not buying new dolls (out of financial necessity), I’m curious about who your latest doll purchase was!


The last Blythe that I purchased was Cedar, my Monique Magnifique, back in the summer of 2013. She doesn’t get nearly enough camera time as she should though, she’s has some gorgeously coloured hair and I still need to figure out her personality. So more time with her is much needed! The last doll I purchased, however, was a pink Petworks Usaggie, who is still a little bit nameless!

Bun :)

Who was your latest doll purchase? (Share photos, if you can!)

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  1. @maidencanada76 AKA @MaidenCanada

    I have Ashley’s Secret, a pink white blue factory and a mint green olive factory on the way.
    Hopefully I can get the lottery for the anniversary girl…I am in love with her!

  2. Gillian Bell says:

    Whilst I’ve very happily bought pre-owned dolls on ebay, lately I’ve been more wary of the stories of all the “clever” copies out there. So my two most recent purchases have been Mandy Cotton Candy from Junie Moon, and Penny Precious NRFB from a local seller, so no customs fees (but customs fees included in the price, methinks, and rightly so). I’ve browsed Yahoo Japan Auctions, but something stops me buying completely unseen, probably because I’m browsing more expensive dolls.

  3. Amy says:

    My last doll purchase was a matte Mondrian!
    She’s rounded out my collection perfectly, so she’ll also be my last doll purchase. Hopefully.

  4. addie says:

    This year I’ve adopted a Petworks Jossie, a Hujoo Berry (who has since been adopted back out), a tiny BJD doll in kit form from Coroporo in Japan, and two Kenners!! I’m pretty sure that my dolly family is now complete 😉

  5. chun AKA @puppy52

    Lola!!! lol I think the last doll I purchased, is a preorder of a picco neemo Lil Fairy 😛 can’t remember when she’s coming in tho, got to make sure I have enough in paypal XP

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