Why Preordering a Blythe May Not Be For You

Written on October 12, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I’ve made it no secret that I did my first Blythe preorder a few months ago (for the October release, Devi Delacour). I preordered her based on the promotional illustrations (not photos!) and then swooned when the promotional photos came out. But then came the big problem – the wait.

20161012All special chips! Among other special features!

I like to think and pretend that I can be a patient person – and I can be! I honestly can be, when the occasion calls for it. When it comes to preordering a doll, I don’t think it’s really in my forte to be patient and wait (and wait and wait some more). I preordered and paid for Devi Delacour back in August, and she won’t be shipped until later this month. So not only did I need to wait for photos to come out, and then for the ship date (!), but then I’ll have to wait for her to actually make her way across the Pacific Ocean, get sorted by Canada Post, and then delivered. But since I’ve moved to a new building that has a lot of issues with accepting parcels, chances are that I’ll get a “we missed you” type of delivery notice, have to wait for the next day and then go to the post office to pick her up. If I’m not working, that is.

I think I’ve determined the reason why I’ve never done a preorder before. Clearly I was subconsciously aware that preorders would take far too long and would really test my patience. After all, when I bought other dolls online and had to wait, there was that never-ending-cycle of checking the tracking number (even multiple times a day!) in hopes of an update that she was just a little bit closer to Canada. That said, I am still very much excited for the arrival of Devi Delacour (in case you didn’t clue in on that!), and I don’t have a name for her – yet! There will be a post about that in the future after she arrives.

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