Blythe On A Budget: Getting a New(er) Release Tips and Tricks

Written on October 19, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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New Blythe releases get a lot of hype – I think the marketing team behind Blythe dolls really know what they’re doing by releasing the promotional illustrations and opening preorders at the same time. They follow up with the promotional photographs, but at that point it gets a little harder to get a preorder!

Blythe dolls aren’t inexpensive, but here are some tips and tricks for getting a newer release at the lowest possible price:

  1. Order the doll from an official retailer (e.g. Junie Moon International Online Shop, CC Toys). Some will price the dolls at the suggested retail price and have preorders either by lottery or not (Junie Moon), while others have ‘free shipping’ where the cost of shipping is added to the cost of the doll (CC Toys). There are other retailers, but they may inflate the price of the doll further.
  2. Do you have a friend who would love to buy the stock clothes and you’re not particularly fond of it? Split the doll with a friend! You get the doll, they get the stock (or vice versa). This knocks off some money off of the doll and makes her even more affordable. However, be very sure that you do not want the stock because it can be difficult to get your hands on it again.
  3. Check out online buy/sell groups (e.g. Facebook, Blythe Kingdom) to see if anyone has preordered the doll, received the doll, and no longer wants the doll. Bonus – you may be able to find a seller in your own country already, so you can save on the extra costs of international shipping, as well as custom fees.
  4. Buy online with a cash-back credit card, if you have one (or can qualify for one!). Many cash-back cards offer anywhere from 0.5-4% cash back. On a $400 doll, that is anywhere from $2-16 back. It may not be a lot, but it is something!
  5. Consider the different shipping options that you get. Some retailers give you options, for instance I noticed that when I get the option of EMS, FedEx and registered air mail, the cost of EMS is often less than FexEx. The time difference between registered air mail and EMS is often at least a week, or more. So depending on how patient you are, that may be an option for you (and it’s cheaper!). Do consider the fact that some carriers will add their own brokerage fees or extra charges for getting a package through customs for you (I find this has happened with UPS, FedEx, and DHL for me – I’ve never had that happen with EMS/regular mail). Whichever shipping option you go for – always ensure it is a method with tracking and insurance.

Do you have any tips and tricks for getting a new(er) release at a rock bottom price? Share below in the comments!

QOTW: What do you support?

Written on October 17, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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In the past there have been many, many, many crowd fundraising efforts in the Blythe community. From efforts to help pay for medical bills for a child, to replacing stolen technology for a friend, to attempting to fundraise for paying personal taxes. Needless to say, not all of these efforts have been successful, as success is often dictated by how popular someone is in the Blythe community and how well they let their cause and hardships be known. BlytheLife has been no stranger in helping with getting the word out about some community causes, and it’s generally been related to medical issues or fundraising efforts. In part, this is because I am of the opinion that it is ridiculous that in some parts of the developed world that it is possible to go into extreme debt due to medical hardships and seeking out medical care. Since nursing school, and working as a registered nurse, I’ve found it amazing that some countries (like the one that I live in) is able to provide essentially free shelter, food, and medical care, to people who truly cannot afford it, while people just south of the border have to choose between going to a clinic or emergency room and going to work because they can ill afford to otherwise.

Which leads to my Question of the Week, which is actually not really directly related towards dolls but towards the doll collectors:

What do you support?

I know many in the doll community support animal welfare causes and medical research, but I’m curious about what you – the BlytheLife reader – supports! I have gotten into a habit of donating blood, and I also donate to my local public library, food bank, animal shelter, and to a cancer research group (now I’m realizing after writing that a lot of the places I donate to are local and directly impact people in my community!) Comment below!

Why Preordering a Blythe May Not Be For You

Written on October 12, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I’ve made it no secret that I did my first Blythe preorder a few months ago (for the October release, Devi Delacour). I preordered her based on the promotional illustrations (not photos!) and then swooned when the promotional photos came out. But then came the big problem – the wait.

20161012All special chips! Among other special features!

I like to think and pretend that I can be a patient person – and I can be! I honestly can be, when the occasion calls for it. When it comes to preordering a doll, I don’t think it’s really in my forte to be patient and wait (and wait and wait some more). I preordered and paid for Devi Delacour back in August, and she won’t be shipped until later this month. So not only did I need to wait for photos to come out, and then for the ship date (!), but then I’ll have to wait for her to actually make her way across the Pacific Ocean, get sorted by Canada Post, and then delivered. But since I’ve moved to a new building that has a lot of issues with accepting parcels, chances are that I’ll get a “we missed you” type of delivery notice, have to wait for the next day and then go to the post office to pick her up. If I’m not working, that is.

I think I’ve determined the reason why I’ve never done a preorder before. Clearly I was subconsciously aware that preorders would take far too long and would really test my patience. After all, when I bought other dolls online and had to wait, there was that never-ending-cycle of checking the tracking number (even multiple times a day!) in hopes of an update that she was just a little bit closer to Canada. That said, I am still very much excited for the arrival of Devi Delacour (in case you didn’t clue in on that!), and I don’t have a name for her – yet! There will be a post about that in the future after she arrives.

QOTW: What are you thankful for?

Written on October 10, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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For readers not in the know, today is Thanksgiving (in Canada). Thanksgiving in October may be a foreign concept to some American readers, but then again so is a Thanksgiving in November to me!

20161010aThankful for friends, community, and cuties like Halo (Friends With Blythe custom).

I am often thankful for Blythe because it’s brought out a creative side to me, provided me with a writing outlet (hello, BlytheLife!), and also has opened me up to a whole community of people. I’m especially thankful for all the friends I’ve made through Blythe – both local and not-so-local, and the travel opportunities that I’ve gotten to experience because of Blythe. Next year is, fingers crossed, going to be the first time that I attend a BlytheCon that isn’t in the same time zone as me and I’m very excited to be planning for that trip! I’ll be saving up between now and next October for a trip to New York for BlytheCon Brooklyn – which is very exciting to me as I’ve never been to New York before! And if you’re like me, you may want to check out the Events page for large scale Blythe events happening in 2017.


Image credit: Julie Blythe/BlytheCon Brooklyn Organizer.

TL;DR: I’m thankful for the community, friends, and travel opportunities when it comes to Blythe. That and they are adorable.

What are you thankful for?

How Much Did You Pay?

Written on October 7, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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As an always curious doll hobbyist, it’s good to know what the average cost of a Blythe is – especially when it is a doll that I’ve got my eye on. Blythe Price Guide is looking for submissions! If you bought a stock doll and are willing to share how much you spent, please hop on over to Blythe Price Guide. It’s a website that I run and all submissions are anonymous!


All you need to do is share what doll it was, the price (and currency), the condition, and when you bought it. Sounds easy, right?

I’m collecting information on: Takara’s Neos, Middies, and Petites, Ashton-Drake Galleries Blythes, and Kenner Blythe dolls. The information on how much you paid will help sellers determine how to price their dolls when they resell them, and it helps buyers determine if a doll listed for sale is a good deal.

Due to the variations in skill and technique, I won’t be collecting information on fully customized dolls. However, if you happen to buy a doll that’s lightly customized (e.g. a few eye chips changed out, maybe sleepy eyes string added in), that would be okay! Just mention it in the Condition section when providing your submission.

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