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I invite you to take a look back at some of the interviews that I’ve done here on since I began the website on July 1, 2010. For almost all of my interviews, I’ve asked the interviewee(s) for hints and tips that they would consider offering to people who are new to the hobby, here are some of those tips and hints from 5 of the people that I’ve interviewed so far!

From Rob & Sioux (interviewed July 2, 2010):

What’s one thing that you would tell someone who’s thinking of crafting and selling something for Blythe?
My advice to those of you looking to craft & sell for Blythe is to please remember that Blythe designers aren’t big corporations who make things just to earn a buck. No, many pour their heart and souls into everything they make, it’s very personal. If your only interest is to make money you probably won’t be too happy. Selling things takes a lot of time, energy, and money.

R: For people thinking of starting to craft, don’t give up if you’re not happy with the results! Keep trying until you find something you enjoy making, it can be very rewarding and fun!

From Lisa of (interviewed July 31, 2010):

What kind of advice would you give to someone who’s just coming into the Blythe hobby?
I would tell anyone new to Blythe not to be shy and never hesitate to ask questions. It can be really intimidating to come into a well-established hobby community when you don’t know anyone or much about dolls but just remember that we were all in that position at one point in time so don’t be afraid! I would encourage them to get involved with their local Blythe scene (if there is one.) Blythe is great at bringing people together! I have made some of my very best friends because of dolls!

From Brigitte of (now PBrigitte) (interviewed September 1, 2010):

What kind advice do you have for those that are new to the Blythe hobby?
For those new to the Blythe hobby I’d say to really enjoy it, take your time finding the perfect girl(s) and shopping for the perfect wardrobe for them. Let the hobby be fun, don’t get caught up in comparing your photos/doll clothes/girls with anyone else’s, and prepare to make some pretty neat friends.

From Jess of (no longer Blythe-related) (interviewed September 12, 2010):

What kind advice would you give to someone who’s just entering into the Blythe hobby/community?
Blythe will open you up to SO many new friends and experiences. When customizing your first girl, don’t be afraid! Get familiar with the forums, my favorite is Plastic Paradise [now Blythe Kingdom]. There are so many people in this hobby that will assist you in any way with your questions and invite you in with loving arms!

From Melly Kay of (interviewed November 7, 2010):

What kind of advice do you have to give to someone who’s new to the Blythe hobby?
As far as advice, first I would say learn as much as you can. I spent a lot of time researching the first few months and it helped me understand things so much better. I’d also say reach out and join a forum or get on Flickr and connect with all the Blythe lovers there.The Blythe community is wonderful and there are so many amazing people from around the globe that connect with. I’d also say go into it with a budget and plan of some sort. Blythe is addictive and expensive so prepare yourself for that. Don’t be impulsive like me, lol! Every single time I buy a girl I like on impulse, it never fails that a “dream girl” I really want goes up for adoption a few days after and I don’t have the funds to get her. Take your time, plan your collection out and have fun!! Necklace Giveaway: The Winner!

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I had an amazing time interviewing Brigitte of! There was 37 entries in this contest, 7 of you maxed out the number of entries that you could do, which is fantastic! And you all seem to be in agreement, the things that Brigitte sells at is pretty awesome.

And just who won this fantastic necklace set? Who’s going to be the lucky person who gets matching jewellery to share between themselves and their favourite doll? That is a very good question! And the winner is…

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Interview with Brigitte from and Giveaway!

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Filed under: Featured, Giveaway with tags: is an adorable blog and online shop that is dedicated to all things cute. It is owned and maintained by the awesome Brigitte, who also customizes Blythe and Pullip dolls! At Haute Cute, there’s all sorts of unique items that are available exclusively through the online shop. Bringing cute and unique designs together, Brigitte offers a little something for everyone, include your dolls.

Hi Brigitte! What can you tell us about yourself and how you discovered Blythe?
Hi there! Well I’m Brigitte, I live in Florida with my backpack, Babette, and my stuffed raccoon Rax. I make stuff and encourage others to do the same. I’ve been lucky enough to be a full time artist/crafter for just over one year now!

When Gina Garan’s “This is Blythe” book came out in 2000 I saw it written up in BUST Magazine, I picked up a copy and totally feel in love! I looked for Blythe dolls the internet, but that was back before they were being manufactured (that I knew of), and the ones I found were the originals that were going for a fortune. Eventually (in 2005) I got into Pullips and bought my first one, a Paja (Jaka), that I still have today! I really love all kinds of dolls, as long as they have giant apple heads ;3 I have and work with Blythe, Pullip, Dal, Byul, and even the occasional Taeyang!

You customize dolls into a style that no one else seems to do, what can you tell us about your style?
Thank you 😀 I do my best! When I started customizing dolls I did it because no one was making the kinds of customs that I wanted to buy (on Pullips, all of my favorite doll customizers work with Blythe actually). I like bright, unusual, almost chaotic things, so that’s what I created. I was thrilled and shocked that people loved them, I still am! It’s an honor. Thankfully, even as more people make crazy colorful customs, my Zombuki girls remain really recognizable as Zombuki. I feel lucky that I’m allowed to make them :3

Blythe Chip Evil Eye Necklaces made by Brigitte for

You have a blog and an online shop called, what can you tell us about where the name came from? What kinds of things do you blog about there?
Yes! I read a huge amount of blogs and I find a ton of amazing stuff, I have to share it somehow, it’s like a compulsion. I can’t help myself! lol For Haute Cute I wanted to create a site that acknowledged the fact that, just because someone likes and appreciates a “cute” aesthetic, doesn’t mean they wants to see every photo of Hello Kitty that the internet has to offer. I wanted it to be edited, curated, and geared toward an audience who, like me, had seen it all. Haute (high) Cute indicates a certain level of discernment, while the pun (hot cute) reminds me not to take myself too seriously ;D

Before the blog/shop I would post/email links to friends a dozen times a day, I was like everyone’s personal shopper! Then I realized I could combine my love of cute, shopping, and ability to find awesome stuff into a really cool shop. I am really good friends with a lot of amazing shop owners, I don’t want to compete with them or the artists, what I wanted was to be able to promote them all, to be able to build a sense of community, and that’s when the idea of the Haute Cute shop only carrying exclusives was born!

What is something that you feel your online shop can provided to the Blythe community that no other shop can?
A lot of doll shops are geared towards the dolls alone, whereas the goal of Haute Cute is to bring things to the community that both dolls and their owners can enjoy. I think I’m in the majority when I confess that my dolls have a nicer, larger, and quite possibly more expensive wardrobe than I do (I try not to think about it lol). With the Haute Cute shop I want people to be able to come, pick up something for their girls (or boys) and get something for themselves that lets the world know that they live what I refer to as la vi-doll-oca ;3 I don’t know about you but if I saw something with a Blythe doll necklace on I’d have to go say hi!

Pull Ring Necklace Charm (with plenty of sparkle) made by Brigitte for

How would you describe your jewellery for Blythe owners and Blythe dolls in 140 characters or less?
For us by us! I work with other doll owners to design pieces for Haute Cute because I need to know they “get” the “doll thing” 😀

I know you’ve designed some pretty unique items for, what kind of process do you go through to go from an idea to the final product?
Yes! If I see someone’s work and I have to have it so badly that I go into convulsions and my neighbors can hear my squee of discovery then I know I’ve found someone I have to work with! Then if they’re interested I work on them with on developing a unique design, usually I suggest a few ideas based on what I think they can execute best, and then let them pick the project that inspires them the most. It varies from artist to artist, some people (like me) can only be happy doing one of a kind pieces, while others prefer large runs. It’s important to me that my artists really love the pieces they make for Haute Cute so I always work around their preferences. You can really tell when something was made with love (as corny as that sounds)! logo necklaces (doll-sized) in all the different colour combinations.

Besides jewellery, what kind of exclusive things can we expect to find at Haute Cute?
Alongside jewellery we’ll also be making accessories available, like cell phone charms, hair clips, and buttons, plus stationary like postcards, stickers, and even zines. We’ll also be carrying handmade plush (both people and doll size) and I’m working on designs for t-shirts, purses, and tote bags too! I’m a very busy bee! lol

I think it’s pretty exciting to come up with a product line all about Blythe and her owner. What about Haute Cute that excites you the most?
The most exciting part about Haute Cute so far is being able to support other artists and craftspeople who I really believe in. I’m honored every time someone signs on to design for the shop, it’s really wonderful to be able to help bring super cute products to the world!

What do you want people to get out of their experience from shopping at Haute Cute?
Ideally I want them to find things that they absolutely love and want to keep with them forever, things that will make them smile every time they see them!

Resin eye chips made by Brigitte, imagine the possibilities of what kind of custom eye chips you could have!

What has been the most challenging part, and rewarding part, of organizing and opening up an online shop for a hobby that you love?
Running it alone is definitely the most challenging part! I would love to have a helper, maybe some day! The most rewarding part is collaborating with amazing artists and seeing the designs come to life!

Thanks so much for doing this interview with me, Brigitte! In closing, what kind advice do you have for those that are new to the Blythe hobby?
For those new to the Blythe hobby I’d say to really enjoy it, take your time finding the perfect girl(s) and shopping for the perfect wardrobe for them. Let the hobby be fun, don’t get caught up in comparing your photos/doll clothes/girls with anyone else’s, and prepare to make some pretty neat friends 😀 Necklace Set Giveaway!

Brigitte has kindly offered up an absolutely adorable necklace set for you to share with your doll! The design for this set can be found only on and you have to chance to win this set!

Made out pink acrylic, the bows are mirrored silver and will appear black in some angles. Pretty nifty, and you might even win it!

You can have up to three (3) entries into the giveaway, which will be done by a random draw. You can enter until Wednesday September 8th, 2010 at 9:00pm PDT. One winner will be randomly selected and it will announced on Thursday September 9th.

Remember to use a valid email address when commenting. If you are chosen as the winner, your email address will be forwarded to Brigitte of to arrange for the prize to be sent to you.

Please only use one email address per person, those using multiple email addresses for more entries will be disqualified.

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