Buying Yourself a Valentines Gift

Written on February 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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In January of this year, I did a little impulsive (but oh so good) shopping online. The real photos of Jackie Ramone (the Middie little-sister version of Punkaholic People) showed up online and I fell in love.

My self-given Valentines gift this year? Totally got myself a Middie Blythe.

The theme of the doll was punk (but there’s a bit of a discussion on Blythe Kingdom about how they seem to have a weird idea of what ‘punk’ is – mixing the ideas of Japanese and British punk). She has a bob cut in reddish brown and the cutest boots ever. Obviously I had to get her.

Jackie Ramone (that name is not sticking, if I can help it!) will be released sometime this month, so look forward to me blogging in the future about getting a new doll. Plus I’m new to Middie dolls, so I will be discussing that as well. Being new to Middie means a lot of things – new shoes, new clothes, new hats. A new size of doll in general to play with (hopefully she can wear some of my Blythes’ tops as dresses or something!). But I will need to get my hands on shoes for her at least. Something besides the rockin’ boots that she has.

Let’s talk about how excited I am about getting a Middie – because you should know I’ll probably be talking about her a lot!

Any suggestions for names for my new Middie?

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  1. Nancy says:

    Congrats! Middies are sooo cute! Jackie might just be making an appearance in my house, too..

    Re: shoes…look on Ebay for lots of Kelly shoes (Barbie’s little sister). They are a teensy bit snug at first but overall fit well and look really cute. I personally favor the mary janes and the ballet flats.

    Re: clothes..Middies are 75% the size of Blythe so I have been scaling down big girl patterns accordingly and it has worked out really well with only a little bit of tweaking.

  2. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    I am so excited for Jackie Ramone, too! My hub and I didn’t give each other xmas gifts this year, but then got a gift of some spending money, and decided that we each get one thing we wanted – I chose to pre-order my first Middie! I’m so excited to sew and knit for her.

  3. Kara AKA @karawilliamson

    I ordered her earlier this week. She will be my first Middie and I’m really excited about her, too. I picked up a couple of Chelsea dolls at Target in their Valentine’s clearance to steal the shoes for her. Now, I need to start making her some clothes. It’s good to know that she 75% the size of a Neo. 🙂

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