Love, Sophie: The Beauty of Heels

Written on May 29, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Hello, my wonderful and lovely readers! Today I am going to talk about one of my most favourite things in the world. And no, I won’t be talking about clothes even though I really love clothes! I’m going to be talking about shoes! Specifically, I will be talking about heels.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Sophie,” you say, “aren’t you forgetting that Blythe’s feet don’t have that super high arch like Barbie does?” And you would be right – Blythe’s feet don’t have that super high arch that Barbie does. But it doesn’t mean that Blythe can’t wear heels, it just means that we can’t wear the same heels. And who would want to, anyways? All of Barbie’s shoes are pink, ugh. Plus that high arch is just telling you that you will have sore feet from standing all day long.


Look at the variety that we can choose from! For your consideration, from left to right, I have: vintage Francie heels, super low Skipper flats with the tiniest heel in the world, my stock heels, heels I stole from Belarus (Love Mission), and some platform heels (Fancy Pansy & Nostalgic Pop).


All super cute, all in a variety of colours – to go with a variety of outfits!

What are your favourite heels? Share below!


Sophie is a mostly stock Cappuccino Chat that came to live with me in June 2009. She loves shoes, new clothes, playing with her hair, fashion, magazines full of fluff and shopping. She aspires to be a model and would like to model for some of the ‘great’ dolly fashion houses one day.

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