QOTW: Starting a 365 photo challenge?

Written on August 31, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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The last time that I was successful with a 365 photo project, sort of maybe, was with Sophie (365/365). My second attempt with 365 was with Eden Mouse it was woefully unsuccessful (at 114/365). I think it was partially to do with when I decided to try it (it was my second term of nursing school) and the fact that I fizzled out while studying for finals that term. Not a good idea to take part in a daily photo challenge when finals are breathing down your neck, let me tell you!


I have been thinking lately that I wouldn’t mind attempting another 365 photo challenge, I just don’t know which doll yet. Or maybe I’ll given Eden another try so we can get to 365 a second time around? All I know right now is that my Kenners won’t be partaking in a 365, nor will Halo (my Friends With Blythe custom that has a mohair reroot).

Are you participating in a365 photo challenge? How far in are you? (And if you’re not, do you have any plans to start?)

Interview with Jane of Cure Touch!

Written on August 28, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Jane a.k.a. maidensuit, the blogger behind the blog Cure Touch and the YouTube channel maidensuit! I find her blog & YouTube channel a lot of fun, and it’s always great to learn about other doll collectors!


Hi Jane! Tell us about yourself!
Hi! Hello! I’m a freelance web designer from Oklahoma. I work mainly with non-profits and authors — nothing too big or fancy. My work schedule’s very irregular (some days I’ll have more than I can handle, and some days nothing) so I often have chunks of free time that I fill with crafting, playing the guitar and ukulele, writing, doing video work… anything creative!

How did you discover Blythe?
I became aware of Blythe from VH-1’s I Love the 70s segment on the original Kenners. They compared the dolls to Christina Ricci, and I’ve been a fan of hers since childhood. Like, Wednesday Addams was my everything. So to me, the comparison was just a positive association! But I discovered Blythes still existed via craft and lifestyle blogs. I’m into crocheting and applique, I like cute Japanese stuff, and I like vintage kitsch, so I saw them in several different places! I even saved a picture of a cute blonde doll from one of the blogs in a folder on my computer. (This was pre-Pinterest!) I know now that it was a Saffy picture! It took me a year of looking at Blythe auctions on eBay and Blythe pictures on Flickr to justify taking the plunge to buy my own. Click to read more of this entry.

Challenge: Accepted?

Written on August 26, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Part of the challenge with dressing my Middies is knowing that I challenged myself to develop their wardrobe myself. This means no buying Middie-sized clothes. If I happen to buy a bag of doll clothes at a thrift store and something happens to fit Middies, that’s a little different (because I was likely aiming for something to fit the Neos), or if I receive a Middie-sized gift – that’s okay too! I don’t have to craft shoes by hand (thank goodness!), but anything clothing wise needs to be made by me for the most part.

Sometimes I kick myself for issuing myself this challenge. But the other day I was looking through one of my Japanese doll clothing pattern books and I pulled this one off the shelf:


I bought it when I was in Hong Kong in 2012 because I went searching for a craft store that carried Japanese pattern books (score!). It does have Middie-sized patterns, as well as Neo-sized items (and some even patterns for an even taller doll, but let’s pretend those don’t exist). Felt is relatively inexpensive, and I could learn how to hand sew a touch better (straighter!), so I decided that I would make the Middie-sized items from this book to start off with.

Fingers crossed I don’t end up poking my fingers too much with the needle!

QOTW: What are your Blythe goals?

Written on August 24, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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The great thing about attending a BlytheCon is the ability to admire other peoples’ dolls, their amazing work with doll clothing, and just get to meet new people in general! I met so many people, it was really fun! Of course, this also led me to considering my ‘goals’ for my life involving dolls.

I would (still) really love to add a BL to my doll family in the future. I’m partial the ones who are naturally more boggled and wouldn’t mind Parco, Mondrian, Goldie, or Kozy… I saw a lot of Goldies in Vancouver, that was a lot of fun!


I would very much love to start creating 1/6th scale furniture. There was some amazing work in that beautiful room box at one of the vendor tables! While I cannot afford the beautiful pieces (right now…), it would be fun to dabble in creating my own play scale furniture! It’d be a lesson in futility, I’m sure, as well as a potential lesson of “leaving such ventures to the professionals”…

Just once, I’d love to attend a BlytheCon with maybe more than a hundred dollars for spending. Oh yes, Blythe On A Budget is real when it comes to me and attending BlytheCon (this was true for Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver). I am very much looking forward to a day when I can afford to buy some more pricey doll items, not because they’re expensive and because I could – but because I really admire the craftsmanship behind details like tiny pin tucks and hand-embroidered designs. That and I really do think that Prim would look darling in most anything. I’d also love to attend a Blythe event outside of North America at least once, I think it’d be a really good experience and, plus, I love to travel and it’d be a great excuse to experience another country, soak in some culture and try some local cuisine. I love having new experiences, and travelling is an excellent way to do that.

What are your Blythe goals?

Dolly Cupcake Giveaway: The Winner!

Written on August 23, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Thank you so much to Dolly Cupcake for agreeing to giveaway a dress! If you’re curious about what will be won, I am too! The winner gets to choose their favourite colour and Dolly Cupcake will make the dress in that colour! Too awesome!

And if you didn’t win, you can still buy yourself something at the Dolly Cupcake Etsy shop with the coupon code BLYTHELIFELOVE for 10% off your purchase (valid until September 14, 2015).

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Congratulations! Your email will be forwarded to Kirin, who will be in touch with you about your prize!

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