Cuteness is a Well-Dressed Doll

Written on April 21, 2016 at 4:00 pm by Michelle
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It will be no surprise to you that I like cute things. Tiny shoes, pretty dresses, lovely dolls. I love them all.

I recently took the time to actually change the outfits (!) on a couple of my dolls to give them some love. I find that often times when I get into ‘busy times’ I neglect my dolls on a regular basis. This isn’t done on purpose nor with malice. When I was in school, this happened because it was because of midterms, papers, projects, clinical, or finals (so basically whenever I was in school and should have been studying). Now that I’m working, it’s because I work a lot, pick up shifts, and during my relatively rare downtime, I wind up making plans to be out of the house because I don’t want to spend what precious time I have off from work cooped up indoors. But for me, Blythe is a primarily solo indoor activity when I’m not attending a doll meet – so by making plans to be out and about, this generally, means less dolly time. And I really like dolly time.

So, I made some time to redress some dolls. Not all of my dolls get neglected – often times Prim will get an outfit change, and so will Eden. I play favourites, what can I say? And then I took some photos because pictures, or it didn’t happen.

I redressed Kindred and Belarus. I felt like these two had been wearing the same outfits for a while. I know Kindred’s been wearing this dress for over a year at least! So this is the before:


And this is the after:


Do you fall into periods of doll neglect like I do? What makes you pick up the dolls and give them some attention again? Join the conversation below in the comments!

Belarus’s wearing: dress/Puppy52Dolls (she was wearing dress/ericaduh).
Kindred’s wearing: shirt/handmade (can’t remember maker), shorts/Nostalgic Pop stock (she was wearing dress/unknown vintage).

3 Responses to “Cuteness is a Well-Dressed Doll”

  1. K. AKA @MaidenCanada

    I have over 80 dolls
    It usually takes me about a week to change them all
    They were still in valentines yesterday so I put a ton on my desk and powered through
    I changed about 40!
    Ten are still on my desk and 12 are in their houses giving me stink eye 🙂

    • Nicola says:

      Thehe stink eye 😉 I really can imagine. I just have 11 Neos and one Middie (and a few BJDs) and some of them are in the same dresses since months 😀

      For me dolly times are always times to calm down and focus on something I really, really like. There are times in my life when I am busy with work I have to neglect them too, but I try to redress them as often as possible. I love to pick clothes and outfits for them. Sometimes I just take a helmet and create an outfit around it and sometimes I look for a theme, like maybe: fairy tales, back to school or something else and try to combine clothes and heads in a way I didn’t use them before.

      Btw I like your blog 🙂

      Greets, Nicola

  2. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    I don’t have very many Blythes (4 Neos, 1 Middie, 1 Petite) so I change their clothes fairly often. The fact that I’m constantly knitting things for them means that happens way more often than it would otherwise. At any given time I leave at least two of the Neos only wearing tights, so that the next day when I pick them up to dress them it’s easy. 🙂

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