QOTW: How Often Do You Photograph Your Blythes?

Written on January 23, 2017 at 3:15 pm by Michelle
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365 Blythe/A Doll A Day/any other daily photo challenge participants… You’re really not my target audience for this question at all (but feel free to answer below! And perhaps share the link to your Flickr album for your photo challenge?). For the every day Blythe collector (or just the lazier ones like me!), I’m wondering when the last time you took a photo of a Blythe.

For me, it was two days ago, and it was this photo:


While I wish I could spend more time taking photos of my Blythes, it’s not really always feasible. When I work, all I do is work-eat-sleep (rinse and repeat for four shifts) and that’s pretty much my life. I spend very little time with friends/family when I have work because I’m just too tired to do anything else, much less take out a doll and photograph her. It does lead to feelings of neglect on my part for my Blythes because while I do love them, I don’t spend nearly as much time with them as I wish I could on a regular basis. Some days I just don’t have the energy to do it.

How often do you photograph your Blythes?

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  1. Frankie says:

    This year (for the first time), I am doing a Blythe 365 challenge. I’m not a member of any flickr groups, I just created an album in my phone and that’s where all my photos go. I have never taken more photos of Blythe! For those of you who have not ever done one, I strongly recommend trying it. I have learned SO MUCH, just from taking a single photo every day. So next year, just dive right in! 🙂

  2. Jules AKA @glamlizards

    I’ve never really been much of a photographer, but I am tempted when the weather is nice and there’s a scenic background

  3. Anne H. AKA @anneheathen

    I always mean to photograph my Blythes more often than I do! I usually end up taking pictures of them when I’ve finished sewing or knitting a new piece of clothing for them. I have a dream of setting up a miniature garden where I can take many photos of my Blythes!

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