About was registered on June 16th, 2010 and officially opened on July 1st, 2010. is a website that is dedicated to the quirky and beautiful doll, Blythe, as well as the Blythe/doll community.

It began as a small little blog project that grew into so much more with the support and contributions by other people in the Blythe community. is dedicated to being a resource site and showcasing the talent that exists in the Blythe community (via interviews and giveaways). was created by and is maintained by Michelle.

I created because I saw a real lack of Blythe blogs available that weren’t mostly about new sale items available in someone’s Blythe-related online shop. Blogs are a great way to self-promote someone’s own online shop, but I wanted to see a Blythe site that offered more.

For me, was my way of giving back to the Blythe community after I had gotten so much support and made so many friendships with other people during my first year as a Blythe owner. I got my first Blythe (RBL – Cappuccino Chat) on June 28, 2009 and during that first year, I met so many interesting people online that loved Blythe as much as I did and I’m so incredibly grateful to everyone in the community for being so awesome.

– July 1 2010

The best way to get in contact with Michelle is through:

Regular Columns

There are 4 columns that are semi-regularly being currently published on

  • A Beginner’s Guide is geared towards people who are new to the hobby of Blythe.
  • Blythe On A Budget is a column that is all about keeping the Blythe hobby spending in check, including some DIY projects.
  • Love, Sophie is a column written by Sophie, a Cappuccino Chat doll, to earn her keep (and new dresses!)
  • Tiny Shoe Love is a feature to showcase and share Michelle’s love of tiny doll shoes.

To find out how you can be a contributor to (in either columns or just one article here or there), check out the guidelines for contributions and for writing articles.

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