Why Preordering a Blythe May Not Be For You

Written on October 12, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I’ve made it no secret that I did my first Blythe preorder a few months ago (for the October release, Devi Delacour). I preordered her based on the promotional illustrations (not photos!) and then swooned when the promotional photos came out. But then came the big problem – the wait.

20161012All special chips! Among other special features!

I like to think and pretend that I can be a patient person – and I can be! I honestly can be, when the occasion calls for it. When it comes to preordering a doll, I don’t think it’s really in my forte to be patient and wait (and wait and wait some more). I preordered and paid for Devi Delacour back in August, and she won’t be shipped until later this month. So not only did I need to wait for photos to come out, and then for the ship date (!), but then I’ll have to wait for her to actually make her way across the Pacific Ocean, get sorted by Canada Post, and then delivered. But since I’ve moved to a new building that has a lot of issues with accepting parcels, chances are that I’ll get a “we missed you” type of delivery notice, have to wait for the next day and then go to the post office to pick her up. If I’m not working, that is.

I think I’ve determined the reason why I’ve never done a preorder before. Clearly I was subconsciously aware that preorders would take far too long and would really test my patience. After all, when I bought other dolls online and had to wait, there was that never-ending-cycle of checking the tracking number (even multiple times a day!) in hopes of an update that she was just a little bit closer to Canada. That said, I am still very much excited for the arrival of Devi Delacour (in case you didn’t clue in on that!), and I don’t have a name for her – yet! There will be a post about that in the future after she arrives.

Favourite DIY Projects

Written on October 5, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Over the years I’ve made some fun projects for Blythe and have shared how I made them here on I thought that I would take a moment and share some of my absolute favourite ones that I loved making and still use on a regular basis.


The Knit Cowl that I made (in mustard and pink!) are regular favourites, one of them is usually on one of my dolls at any given moment. I should really make more in a variety of colours, it’s a nice and quick knitting project that can use up some of your leftover scraps from other projects.

And to continue with the knitting theme, I loved making a Tiny Knitting Project because it helps me to project my hobbies onto my dolls! Super sweet, making a 1:6 scale knitting project was pretty much awesome in my books since I love miniatures! Even if you don’t knit often, it’s a cute addition to a photo story for added detail.


I love the idea of tutus and petticoats, but since I’m occasionally allergic to the idea of sewing, I had to make a no-sew version. The Easy Tutu that I created only needs your ability to handle a pair of scissors, and to knot tulle around a hair elastic. Easy as pie! It’s super easy to make many of them, to add volume to all of your girls’ dresses.



Last, but not least, is the Cable Knit Throw Pillow that I made for my HUSET couch. I’ve actually made a second one since the original tutorial, so they both reside on my HUSET couch on a regular basis because I like cushions when I sit on the couch, so it just makes things seem cozier when I see my dolls on the couch with some throw pillows.

Reading back now, I realize that most of the projects that I personally love (although I am quite pleased with all of the DIYs that I’ve put out here on BlytheLife) have been knitted. Perhaps that is a sign? I am in the process of brainstorming and planning new DIY projects! Stay tuned for the crafty goodness.

Middie Monday #16

Written on October 3, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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It’s October! Which means it’s definitely autumn now, at least where I’m living. It’s getting cooler, the sun rises a little later in the morning and sets earlier in the day – which means when I work I just never see the sun at all (the curses of working 12 hour shifts!). That said, I haven’t really done much with my Middies since the big move. I haven’t really done much with any of my dolls since the big move. I’m kind of terribly neglectful like that.


No big plans for the Middie portion of my doll family, although the ‘goal’ is to still craft their clothing myself – which has also fallen by the wayside with work and everything else going on lately. I’m not sure when I’m going to relax that goal/rule for myself, because it’s getting a wee bit ridiculous on some levels. With that in mind, I wanted to change both of them because I figured they might as well get a little outfit change. It’s easier for me to change the Middies than it is the bigger Blythes because there’s only two of them. Strength in lower numbers, I suppose? The big problem I had is that I am not finished with the unpacking of all my things and I genuinely do not know where I had stashed all the Middie clothes (back in June or July). Whoops.

What’s the longest period of time you’ve had a doll in the same outfit? (At this point, I probably have you beat.)

Mixing Hobbies

Written on September 30, 2016 at 5:00 pm by Michelle
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It should come to no surprise that I follow quite a few members of the Blythe community on various social media platforms. Through people whom I share a common love of Blythe for, I’ve been exposed to other aspects of their collections. Beyond Blythe there are ball-jointed dolls, Monster High/Ever After High dolls, handmade designer plush, faux taxidermy, Funko Pops, and Disney animator dolls. And probably a whole slew of dolls that I am neglecting to remember at this very moment.


With a fair bit in common with many of the online friends that I’ve made (because, lets face it, Blythe brings many of us together!) with similar hobbies or fandoms, I’ve found myself being drawn to certain other aspects of the collectible doll world. My most recent acquisitions have not been Blythe, although I am impatiently waiting for Devi Delacour to arrive in October, but Funko Pop. I could not resist when I saw the Sailor Moon collection pop up in photos on Instagram. I definitely resisted for a long time (I still very much want some of the Harry Potter Pops), and luckily they’re not as expensive as Blythe can be (but they do add up!).

It’s nice to be able to get something new and not have to wait for it to arrived via post. On the other hand, there is less of a thrill with not repeatedly checking the tracking number for updates, and it’s also not a new Blythe. Blythe is always going to be my first love when it comes to collectible dolls (or figures, as the Funko Pops are), but it’s nice to have a little bit of variety in the collection because it increases the overall level of ‘cute’ that I have in my life. Who wouldn’t want that?

Cameo’s wearing: helmet/Cakewalk Queen, dress/Plastic Fashion, tights/Endangered Sissy.

Could I Have Only One Blythe?

Written on September 23, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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This question has a long and storied answer for me. The long and short of it is yes – if push came to shove and I had to downsize, I would. Whether for space or financial reasons, if I had to sell I (most likely) probably would. But I wouldn’t sell just to get down to one doll again, because that would be terribly time consuming as well as being mildly impractical (since I could give you all so many reasons why I would not sell each and every single one of my dolls).

20160921My doll family has come a long way since 2009!

At one point I actually only had one Blythe, but that lasted for about a month before my second Blythe arrived. I was good for a month, and it was all downhill (uphill?) from there in terms of my Blythe collection. The growth of my doll family has considerably slowed down over the years as the dolls begin to take up more room, and I have found myself being more and more selective with which doll that I bring into the family. I have purposefully sought out dolls in molds that I didn’t previously own (Kindred [Velvet Minuet/SBL], unnamed ADG, Lottie [Mondrian/BL]) to round out my collection. I still have a vision of a custom I’d like, so I am saving up for that (and I do have the new October release coming to me later this year… Happy early birthday to me?), but otherwise I’m in a spot right now that I’m quite content with my collection and see no signs of needing to downsize.

Have you ever felt the need to get to just one Blythe doll? Or are you more like me and would only sell if absolutely necessary?

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